Cute Dill Pickle “Kit” Review

I know, weird title, but I saw the cutest thing tonight!  Chris took me out for dinner and we stopped at Loblaw’s for a couple of things. I saw this “Dill it Yourself” kit, for lack of a better word, in the produce section and I just had to buy it and try it lol!





This kit has 5 or 6 pickling cucumbers in it, a spice bag and a little bit of dill in it.  You start by cleaning and slicing the pickling cucumbers, put them back in the little plastic tub they came in.

Next you add the spice package and dill, add some vinegar and water and stick them in the fridge for 6 hours or overnight and you have Dill Pickles in the morning!

No, it isn’t actual “Canned” dill pickles, done the old fashioned way, but it is a cute little kit that you could use to make pickles with the kids. (Or grown ups like me who just think it’s cute!)

Here are what the pickles look like once they are done.  And they taste great!

If you can find one of these kits, it is a great little project… make your own pickles for summer BBQs!



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