My Almost-Jumbo Easter Cookie

I start this, my very first post from the kitchen, with a confession. There’s no point in sugar coating it (no pun intended) – I am not a baker.

Cooking? Absolutely! But baking…. Let’s just say most things related to baking seem to fall into the category of “not gonna happen”. I’ve burnt things, had other things turn out too dry, others taste like flour, others not cook fully, and others… well, your guess is as good as mine… I’ve tried countless things but continue to fall victim to my personal kryptonite – flour.

Despite this, many times per year, usually around the holidays, I get the itch to try to bake up a yummy treat. Occasionally I succeed at making something (at the very least) edible and sometimes I can make something that tastes good, albeit with supervision and assistance from my mom or my hubby, who both seem to have no problem baking.

There are some things I can do without supervision… I can bake cupcakes but not cake (don’t ask me why) and I seem to be good in the cookie department. I wouldn’t get too excited by the cupcakes though, they’re usually from store-bought mixes; I’m not brave enough to attempt to make my own. As such, let’s just say I’m a one-trick cookie-making baker – if that.

Anyway, my mom showed me a picture of a giant cookie filled with Easter M&Ms. Since it technically fell into the cookie category, and the thought of it made me drool, I figured it was worth trying.

I found a few recipes online for jumbo shortbread cookies filled with sprinkles or candies and one recipe that promised an XXL cookie that looked like pure melt-in-your-mouth genius – and it probably was for the individual who made it. For me?

… Look for yourself, my XXL cookie looks like a before-steroids version of the cookie I was trying to make.

I tried to stick to the recipe – probably one of my greatest shortcomings in the baking department – I like to experiment, I don’t like following precise calculations and measurements to make something. If I like vanilla (which I do), I want to add extra. If I don’t like something, I want to cut back. I have learned with time to exercise some caution – I once set a tray of cookies on fire when I put enough chocolate chips in the cookies to create a sugary pool on the bottom of the pan. When I’m trying to make something for family, as I was with this one, I try to follow the recipe religiously.

So… back to my “A for effort” jumbo cookie….  despite lacking in the size department, it actually looked yummy. Perhaps, if I doubled or tripled the recipe, I could make an actual XXL cookie. And that’s just what I did. I tripled the ingredients.

When I first put it on the pan to bake, it was already the same size as the previous cookie.

After about 20-30 minutes, I looked back in the oven and… it looked okay. It wasn’t burnt, it wasn’t undercooked. It looked more like a cross between a cookie and a mini cake than anything else but I’m happy with the outcome.

Now that I’ve kind of figured out how to make my XXL cookie, I’m going to return to the drawing board after tomorrow’s taste test to share my non-baker-proof recipe for a jumbo spring cookie! Stay tuned and Happy Easter!

Keep an eye out for future stories and recipes from my kitchen.


Kim’s Kitchen – Betty Boop Sign Painted By Mom (Sandie)

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