Birds Summer Patio Platter- REPURPOSED WOODEN PLATTER #2

Here is the second of the two platters I bought at the thrift store for $ 2 each!

The first one was the blue jays, but with this one I decided to just go “cutesy. ”



I, of course, started by base painting the platter and then I drew on a rough “rendering” of what I wanted.

Now comes the fun part!  I started on the birds. Today I only managed to get them and the flowers base painted.

When that dried,  it was time for details and shading, my favourite part.  

I know all the base painting and waiting for paint to dry is part of it, just my least favourite part lol!

This is the final outcome before I seal it. And no speckling this time! 😯 Maybe next project!


And this is the Birds Summer Patio Platter completely finished and sealed and ready for patio season!

4 thoughts on “Birds Summer Patio Platter- REPURPOSED WOODEN PLATTER #2

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