Clay Pot Wind Chime

20170427_112921   When I finished making the Clay Pot Fire Hydrant I had a few clay pots left over and I was trying to think of something to make out of them.   I decided a Wind Chime was in order!

As you can see, I had a big pot and a tiny pot left.  That worked out perfectly for what I had in mind!


Rather than paint the whole pot(s), I decided to just do some “drip painting” on these.  Something different!  It was also pretty quick and easy.  Just as in the name, you just drip paint onto the bottom of the pot and let it run down the sides of the pot as it sees fit lol!

(I placed them on top of a paint bottle so that the paint didn’t end up just pooling at the rim of the pot when it was done dripping!)


You can add as many or as few colours as you like.  I went with orange, yellow, white and a bright pink for mine!

Once they dried I needed to seal them.  Because it is going outside I wanted to add a few coats of sealer.  When I brushed on the first coat of sealer, I also sprinkled some of my silver sparkles onto the still wet sealer!  Gotta have sparkles!!!!

Once they were dry, I attached them with washers as I did in another post, adjusting the length of both the “hand” string and where the little pot will sit inside the big one.


I then added additional lengths of string and threaded some dollar store wooden beads on them to give me part of the “chime.”

I found some old jewelry findings to add to the bottom of the beaded strings and then hung it!  It looks nice and sparkly in the sun and the “chimes” aren’t loud and annoying to anyone (husband lol).  Overall I am happy with this little craft made from my extra pots.  It looks bright and cheerful outside!




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