Mason Jar – Fairy Light

This is the other project I did today with Mason Jars.  It is a Fairy silhouette light/candle holder.

It turned out okay, I just didn’t have any more artificial flowers to decorate it with.  The ones from the last project, the Centre Piece, were stolen from the one artificial arrangement we own.  And no, I can’ t even kill the fake ones… you do have to dust them though 😦



Here is what I started with.  As I mentioned above, having some artificial flowers on hand will definitely pretty this up a whole lot more! This is more for the paint effect and the silhouette!


You can see above that my jar is already a frosted, glittery pink.  I used a frosted paint effect that I found online.  All that is in it is watered down white glue and food colouring, painted on your mason jar or other glass object.  It was a little bit runny, probably my measurements, but it still gave the frosted effect.  I used 3 coats of the frosted paint and then 2 coats of the glitter paint to finish it.

I went online and searched for a fairy silhouette that I could print and cut out.  There are tons of them, from a pretty plain one, like I used to very elaborate, beautiful ones.  The choice is yours which you choose, or I will include a picture of the one I used if you like.  I then cut out a few little stars to go with it!


I cut out the silhouette and the stars and they didn’t seem dark enough to me, so I coloured them again with a black sharpie and then I glued them to the inside of the jar.  I used the glue gun because I already had it on, but I think if I do it again, I would use white glue.  It would give you more of an ability to position the fairy.

With minimal light, you can barely see the cut out inside the jar.  The first picture is the inside of the jar where I glued everything in.

Next I cut a few lengths of ribbon to wrap around the rim and to make a nice bow from.


I tied it around, made a nice-ish bow, a few pieces of the bling ribbon and then a nice gold button I found in one of my containers.  A flower would probably have looked much better but that was all I had on hand.  Guess I am going to have to stock up lol!

I tucked a bit of tissue paper in the bottom to raise the candle a little bit and then placed the “flameless”  candle on top of it.

This is my completed Fairy Jar, candle lit and with/without the lights on at the counter!

And that’s it… a cute little fairy jar and an easy gift for anyone who likes fairies, woodland creatures, gnomes, etc.

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