Clay Pot Wind Chime Chain on Tripod






This is another one of those garden crafts I started last year.  While it made it go a bit faster this year, I am glad to be getting an other of last years completed!

This was a very easy craft and I didn’t have to worry about epoxy!   I think the hardest part of this one was trying to hold the pieces of bamboo together while I tied the tripod lol! Other than the sealing part, I believe this is a kid friendly craft!

I hope you try one of these for your garden, it brings a bit of colour and the sound of the “chiming” isn’t even close to as aggravating as some wind chimes can be! (Chris hates really loud ones!)



As for supplies used, I used clay pots, paint, thin bamboo sticks (from the dollar store), a  few washers and some green twine I had on hand! Oh, and a bit of sparkly Washi tape.




As I said, these were base painted last year so I only had to go over them quickly to bring back the full colour.

I didn’t try to do anything fancy with these.  One, you wouldn’t really see it as they were hanging and two, once speckling them popped into my head, that was it.  There is nothing I like better than speckling.  I have an old tooth brush I keep with my brushes that is just for that lol!




Once I had them all “speckled,” I sealed them.  I used 3 layers because I knew they were going to go in one of the gardens. I also sprinkled them with glitter when I was sealing them lol (embarrassed face) because I thought everything always looks better with a little bit of glitter and it would look really nice when the sun hits it!




When they were sealed, it was just a matter of attaching them together.  The first time I started to string them together I had it all backwards and had to restring it.  Needless to say the twine had started to unravel by then so I just wrapped a piece of plain tape on the end to be able to feed it through.  I attached a washer to the inside of each little pot so the string wouldn’t pull through.  I literally just tied it in there.



I did the same thing inside each pot, making sure there was enough slack in between clay pots so it hung how I wanted it to.  You can make the slack as long or as short as you like.  It all depends on how long you want the wind chime chain or if you want them close together. I would guess that would also affect how it sounds as well.

Next came the tripod.  I literally just held the three pieces of bamboo together how I wanted them to stand and started to tie the twine around it.  I won’t lie, it fell apart a few times!  This is when I decided it would be a whole lot easier to just wrap an elastic band around it until the twine was wrapped.  Way easier!




When I stood back and looked at it I thought it needed a little something.  I decided to just go over the twine with some sparkly Washi tape!  I added a little bit of glue from my glue gun to secure the end in case it lost some stickiness over time.  I did the same thing to the knot at the top of the chain!

Now I decided to hang a few dangly things from the bottom lol.  Gotta have bling! I had an old costume jewelry necklace that I cut to fit and then added a couple of jewelry findings pendants I had on hand!

At this point you can either hang the wind chime chain directly on the tripod, looping the twine at the top of the chain over one of the bamboo stick tops, or you can put a little S-hook on it, threading this through the centre of the twine of the bamboo.  Either way works, I just found that the S-hook I had on hand was too big and made the little dangling things I put on it lay on the ground!

This is the end result of my Wind Chime Chain!  Let me know what you think!






Stay tuned for my next Wind Chime project made from Clay Pots!



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