Mason Jar Sewing Kit

This is a cute, quick craft that I made today following our Mason Jar Crafts week.  I totally forgot until I was already done this one that I still had some Marvel Comics fabric that I could have used to make this for Kim…. so I will be making another one this weekend… just for her!!!



As I said above, this is a very easy craft and it was pretty quick to make!  This is what I started with, other than the actual items in the “kit” itself!

I used 1 fat quarter, a wide mouth mason jar, a small bit of stuffing, needle and thread, some ribbon and a fancy button I found when I was looking for something else. Oh, and the dreaded glue gun!


The first thing I did was to form the stuffing into a sort of half ball and attach it to the lid of my jar using my glue gun. (And I actually came out unscathed again with the glue gun… good day!)


Next I ran a loose gathering stitch around the outside edge of the fat quarter I was using to cover the stuffing. This makes it easier to wrap around the lid and tuck it under for gluing.

Once I ran the stitches around the outside, I pulled it just enough to make it “cup” to fit over the stuffing and the lid.

Now I wrapped the fat quarter around the lid and stuffing and started gluing it to the bottom of the lid.  I started by glueing the corners down first and the portions in between the corners.

I decided once I had done this that it still looked a bit messy underneath so I attached a circle of foam sheet to hide the raw edges of the fat quarter.


That’s it for the lid.  Now all I had to do was to decorate the jar a little bit. I chose to just go with some ribbon wrapped around the rim of the lid, a nice bow and a cute butterfly button I had.

And then it was time to fill it!  I added some different coloured threads, a package of sewing needles, a thimble, a needle threader, a couple of bobbins, a tape measure and a few pins, a needle and a safety pin on the top.  I thought that was enough for a little sewing kit!

There you have it, a quick, easy Mason Jar Sewing Kit to keep or to give as a gift…. as I plan on doing when I make the Marvel Comic one.  I will update with another picture when I make that one!


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