Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers

Here it is, another Mason Jar Craft lol!  Imagine that!  This time I am making salt & pepper shakers for the back deck!  I have seen similar all over the place and thought it would be nice to have some for the back yard!



This is what I started with, other than my paints.  It really is just a couple of the smaller, jelly mason jars, lids and rims and what I used to make the holes! Do you like my pretty pink hammer lol? (Chris bought me a whole Pretty Pink Tool set a few years back, probably so I would stop “borrowing” his, but I love my pretty pink hammer!)


I started out by marking an “S” and a “P” on the lids of my jars with a Sharpie marker, as you can see in the above picture.

Next I used my pretty pink hammer, a  nail and a little block of 2 x 4 to make the holes in my lids.  I just lined up the nail along the lines of the letters and gave it a little tap, just enough to go through the lid and into the wood.

Now it was time to base paint the jars.  I also decided to put a coat of paint over the lids.  I hadn’t decided at that point if I was going to paint anything on the lids but I still wanted them painted.

I just base painted white.  I was thinking I might like to try to do an ombre effect in colours that will match the cushions and such outside.

Our cushions are brown, white and orange so I used variations of those colours to do the ombre.  I think the most important part to doing the ombre is to keep the paint wet enough to blend between the colours.

You start by painting a stripe of paint around the jar, where you want the colour placement to be and adding a bit of water to your brush, keep going over the transition between the two colours until you can’t see the line between them.

I did white, beige, orange and brown, going from light at the top to the brown at the bottom of the jar.

All the jars themselves need now is a few coats of sealer and then it’s on to the lid!

I decided to just paint a little flower on the lids of the salt & pepper shakers and then put a few coats of sealer on those as well.  You might find the holes fill in with the sealer.  All I did after was to push the same nail through the holes once it was dry to reopen them and added a little bow with twine!

And here are my Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers, all ready for backyard meals!


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