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Thank you for taking time to check out our “About Us” page.

Whether you’re new to our blog or you’re a return visitor, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and share what we’re each bringing to the craft table!

Part of our inspiration for starting this blog, in addition to our shared love of everything crafty/DIY, was the different ways we approach life and crafting. As a mother-daughter duo with 22 years between us, we each have unique experiences and styles that influence our creativity. We hope that you will relate to one or both of us as you join us in our “Oh Yes, They Did” adventures.

A note from Sandie (mom)

I am a seasoned (and I hope that doesn’t just mean old) DIYer bringing years of experience to sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting, baking, cooking, etc. I also bring a sense of humour, which has allowed me to laugh at projects that were so off the mark that it was funny!
What got me into crafting? I honestly just love to create, I always have.  When I was a child my passion was drawing.  I received an art set when I was younger with charcoal and drawing paper.  I found I wasn’t half bad and my love to create just blossomed from there.


As for my love of cooking and baking, I remember when I was young and received an Easy Bake oven for Christmas one year! I used all the mixes included that very first day.  I still love to cook and bake for my family. Making birthday cakes was always fun when my kids were young because I never knew what the kids would come up with; they seemed to think mom could make anything! I made cakes shaped like jewelry boxes, trucks, whatever they came up with that year.  It wasn’t always a big success but they always loved them! My husband has one cake that I made him early on in our relationship that he wants every year, my cheater version of Black Forest Cake. (One day I will post this sort of recipe!)


I enjoy a relaxed, country lifestyle with cows as my neighbours. I don’t know how I remained a city dweller for as long as I did!  I enjoy having no street lights, barely any traffic and mainly, the quiet.  Some days, in the beginning, it felt like a really bad episode of Green Acres, but we adapted quickly and would never live anywhere else.  We have had chickens and ducks and because to us they were pets, became the laughing
stock of the community!  In this neck of the woods, chickens and ducks are raised to eat, ours were pets.  I could walk around the yard carrying one of the chickens or ducks under my arm and they were quite content!


When my kids were younger I enjoyed trying to make whatever I thought I could master for them.  I made their baby food, I made some fitted flannel diapers, (that was a great idea in theory until it came time for the cleaning part), their clothes, trying to keep them productively entertained during school holidays and to instill in them the knowledge that homemade to me means that person was thinking about you the whole time they were busy making what they did!  I enjoyed making their Halloween costumes. I think half our street waited each year to see what they would be wearing!
I didn’t start painting until I was well into my thirties.  A friend was an accomplished craft painter and agreed to teach me.  I loved being able to create gifts and décor for my home and for family and friends.  I still consider myself a newbie, even now, almost 15 years later! I still struggle with painting some things but I keep trying and hopefully improving each time!
I am a self-proclaimed Kindle addict, I love to experiment in the kitchen and I enjoy all different creative outlets.  Right now, I am experimenting with clay, both polymer and air dry.  It is very relaxing and I have made a few gifts and such for family as gifts.  As with every other hobby/craft I have taken on, this too will take time to master but that is part of the fun of it.


I hope you will join us on our blogging journey and maybe even learn something along the way while we craft and cook and anything else we share with you on our blog!

A note from Kim (daughter)

I was fortunate to grow up with a stay-at-home mom who had fun craft ideas for every birthday party, holiday or break from school (March Break, Christmas break, summer break, etc.). I was also lucky enough to benefit from all the other perks of having a crafty parent. Be it homemade clothing or collectibles (which always received high praise), I have been very spoiled with all my custom crafty things from mom.

From a young age, this instilled in me a love for everything creative. My primary loves and (hopefully) talents are writing (poetry, short stories, or even just journaling), drawing and colouring (I’ve been colouring since childhood and I’m enthused by all the new adult colouring books), and photography. I’ve recently started to teach myself how to crochet with the help of my mom and the Internet (seriously, how did we live without Google and YouTube?!).

I discovered a love for cooking in my early 20s. I love watching the Food Network to find inspiration for experimenting in the kitchen. I like to try foods from different cultures and with new ingredients. I love the idea of farm-to-fork and particularly enjoy working with all the fresh ingredients in the summer. Baking is certainly not my forte but something I still enjoy doing, on days when I have more patience (which are few and far between).

I am a career-driven woman in her late-20s, married to my high school sweetheart, and a self-professed nerd. I will be writing about my crafty, DIY apartment hacks, my crocheting mishaps and achievements, and much more!

My inspirations and loves? Comic books, superheroes and pretty much anything related to nerd culture, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Betty Boop, and mystery stories (I love Sherlock Holmes), just to name a few.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us. We’re sure you’ll learn even more about us and the different ways that our backgrounds influence our creativity as we continue this blog.

Sandie and Kim
(Mom and Daughter)




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29 thoughts on “About Us

  1. A crafty duo! Fantastic 🙂 Mum, I thenk we are kindred spirits. A lot of what you describe is what I do/did too. But I have two boys who showed no keen interest in learning how to crochet or bake – they like the eating bit though!
    Thank you so much the follow and happy crafting !!

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