My Last Post

Yes, this will be my last post here. I am giving up OhYesTheyDid after 3+ wonderful years and moving in another direction. I am not giving up blogging entirely… after starting I can’t give it up. Blogging has been a great outlet for me during my recovery and I have made so many wonderful “Blog Friends” along the way…. friends I hope will follow me to my new Blog. I will get into that shortly.

OhYesTheyDid started off as a joint venture with Kim, my daughter, as most of you already know. But… life, having babies (my beautiful grandbabies), her career, and life in general meant that Kim just didn’t have the time to commit to the blog and it fell to me to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love to blog, I just started a pace that I couldn’t keep up with and became disappointed with myself when I couldn’t keep making and posting to keep up with said pace. Throw in 2020 and I stopped blogging all together. This is my year so far…

2020… where do I start lol??? It started with my beloved grandmother having a heart attack that she thankfully recovered from. That shook me to the core. I know that at 98 she has lived a full life, but selfishly, I am so not ready to see her go. She has been the ONLY person who has been there for me… no matter what.. my entire life and losing her will crush me. That was just early January. There were some other health issues that followed with 2 other family members. Then came the Pandemic. What can I say about the Pandemic? I can’t remember how much I posted regarding our family and the pandemic. My (very estranged) father contracted and died from Covid 19. Not only that but days before he tested positive, Kim ran into him in the doctor’s office. At that time, Kim was 7 months pregnant!!! She of course quarantined, as did her husband, for the required 14 days (some of the longest 14 days of our lives I tell you) to make sure she/they didn’t become symptomatic! Thankfully she didn’t!!!

I went through a breast cancer scare during the pandemic. I wasn’t even sure they would do that sort of testing while the hospitals were basically shut down for anything other than emergencies. Thankfully I was mistaken, I went for the required mammogram/ultrasound testing and was mostly cleared. That was a relief!

Then came time for Kim to deliver my beautiful grandson! That was scary in itself. Going to the hospital in the midst of a pandemic. Not knowing if Kim would have to go through it by herself. Because pretty much our whole country was on lock down, even from family, we had to figure out who would be her birthing coach… if they would even allow it. I ended up being the birthing coach (hard job, huh lol). One person was allowed. Once you were in the hospital you weren’t to leave. You had to wear a mask everywhere but in your room… even if it was just to go ask a question at the nurses station. A great rule but still kind of scary. All went well and Kim went home with the cutest baby boy ever, of course.

Let’s see…. what was next? Oh yes, my own Covid scare…. I had/have almost all of the symptoms of Covid. I called my doctor and went for the test (family too). Thankfully they came back negative. Only problem is… I still have the symptoms and I am still waiting for various test results to come back to find out what exactly is wrong with me. While I am thankful it isn’t Covid, especially considering how close it has hit home already…. things like kidney disease and lupus are being mentioned so I guess right now that is a wait and see situation for a not very patient patient!

In spite of all that, or maybe because of all of that lol… I have decided to try to start my own business. I want to make unique, funky, different,even pet friendly soaps… from home, sold online and locally. I thought I could make a new blog telling my story of this business venture from start to hopefully a successful launch, as well as how I am going to make, package, advertise, market and everything else to do with the selling of the products I make. Maybe I will get some pointers, maybe I will get criticism, maybe I might even get a few comments. The point for me is that maybe I will reconnect with some of my previous blogging friends and make some new ones!

In closing… while this is my last blog post at OhYesTheyDid, I am not stopping blogging altogether… I will be launching the new blog,, in the coming days, and really hope everyone will come pay a visit and maybe follow me on this new venture. I will really miss everyone if you don’t.

There have been so many people that have been so supportive and become friends from afar that I would miss terribly if this is our last contact. Just writing this made me cry… a sure sign that my blogging journey is far from over!

Thank you so much to everyone who followed us on OhYesTheyDid, you made my introduction to blogging one of the best things I have ever done and I can’t picture my life moving forward without some form of blogging in it!

Love, Sandie

An Apology

I believe I owe everyone an apology. I haven’t even looked at the blog in weeks, possibly even a month. With everything going on in my/our lives right now it just come close to being at the top of the list of important things to take care of and for that I am sorry.

Between family issues, the death of my estranged father, worry over my grandmother copying with the loss of her second son, worry over my Aunt who is ill and how my grandmother is coping with that (her now only surviving child), Chris still working because he is considered essential, and of course overjoyed waiting for our grandson to be born, but at the same time concerned because it will be in the hospital with this virus running rampant.

As with Kim’s first birth, our beautiful granddaughter Scarlyt, I will be Kim’s birthing coach…. meaning I will be in the hospital with her. This time will be so different. While I am thankfully still allowed to be there with her, I am not allowed to leave the hospital to come home at all. If I leave the hospital at any point I will not be permitted back in and she is stuck there alone. Her husband can’t be there because that would leave Scarlyt alone and technically I can’t go spend that time with her because we aren’t supposed the be going to anyone else’s homes. It is a big old “clusterf**k” in the world right now and we are trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

It was Scarlyt’s 2nd birthday last weekend and it broke our hearts that we couldn’t actually spend it with her. We had to watch her open her gifts via Skype. While it was wonderful seeing her adorable little face, it wasn’t even close to being a replacement to scooping her up in my arms and kissing her whole face and squeezing her tight! I can’t wait for that day!

I have, or I hope I have, everything ready in my go bag for the hospital… sort of like when it was my time for the big day. Her due date is now only 10 days away. I have spent the last few weeks preparing gifts for the new baby and making a cute “Big Sister” gift bag for Scarlyt. All things I will post at some point when life becomes something other than just another day of worry about family members. I am hoping the joy of welcoming a new grandbaby into our lives will temper some of the worry. The thought of holding him for the first time alone makes me smile and brings a little tear to my eye and any grandparent will understand lol.

Sorry for the very long winded, probably whiny sounding apology. I guess I needed to get a few things off my chest. Maybe I need to start a journal or something to get some of these things on paper and out of my head???

On a side note….speaking of getting things on paper and out of my head… while all of this has been going on and dredging up old, unpleasant memories, I finally started writing my book, my story. I have thought about doing it for years and I think I have finally reached the point in my life where I can actually do it! I am only about 2 chapters in, but I have at least started it! Coming to bookshelves near you…. eventually (I hope) “Unwanted” by Pseudonym lol!

Mickey Mouse Night Light

I would like to start by saying Thank You to everyone for your Condolences and Thoughts. I apologize for not responding yet. As I’m sure you can imagine, life is a little chaotic right now and being on our WordPress site, let alone posting is sporadic at best right now.

Yesterday, however, I said screw everything and “played” Cricut. I needed an escape for the day and crafting seemed the best route. I did a few Easter crafts for my beautiful little granddaughter and this night light for my grandson, who should be making his grand entrance within the month! Thankfully during this stressful time we do have something wonderful to look forward to!

I made my pattern in Design Space. Doing a Mickey Mouse head is pretty simple considering it is basically made of circles.

I started with one big circle. I added a square big enough to cover half of the circle and then used the slice feature to cut my circle in half. I separated the pieces, kept what I needed and made the bottom half red. I added the two smaller black circles for Mickey’s ears, and two really small white circles for the little dots on the red half circle.

I used one of the Disney fonts for Greydon’s name and then cut everything out with my Cricut.

I adhered all of the pieces to the little LED night light I picked up from the dollar store and now I have a cute little night light as part of the gift for when he’s finally born ❤!!!


Covid 19 – Self-Isolation – Follow Up

To all of you who still refuse to SELF-ISOLATE…. Shame On You! Whether you want to admit it to yourselves or now… you might as well be holding a gun to someone’s head. You are killing people with your ignorance! Get the hell in your homes and don’t come out unless it’s for groceries or your job!

My father passed away yesterday morning. Another victim of this terrible virus…. Covid 19. Another death that could have been avoided by self-isolation from someone traveling, returning home and not following the self-isolation orders. I have very mixed feelings right now because of the state of our “family”, I use the term family loosely, I was erased me from that family many years ago.

I am sad, because no one should have to die such a lonely death. Being isolated from your friends and family in your final hours must be the loneliest feeling there is. He wasn’t lucid at the end, but I think on some level you must know whether or not your family is with you or not. No one should have to die alone and right now thousands of people are doing just that! And so many of these lonely deaths could be avoided if everyone just followed the directions of the Health Officer for their province/country. Do these people who are still dismissing the directions even feel the weight of these deaths on their shoulders? Do they even care? Do they realize that their ignorance is killing people?

I am mad, mad as hell. This could have been avoided, like many other deaths from Covid 19, by self-isolation. People not isolating and spreading this virus are now causing the virus to run rampant and thousands of people are dying needlessly and alone.

And I get really mad thinking back to different times in my life when he should have had my back, when he should have been a father to me and never was. How he let my mother dictate that my two sisters were more important than me. How I spent my life feeling unwanted, like an outsider, like there must be something wrong with me because my mother disliked me so much she wanted everyone else to as well. He should have stood up to her, and for me but it was easier for him to just go along with what she wanted.

Yesterday I thought back to the last two interactions I had with him. The second last was when my beautiful granddaughter was born… so, almost two years ago. I was with Kim when Scarlyt was born and stayed at the hospital with her to help her while she recovered. I was there when my parents and sisters showed up at the hospital to congratulate Kim and meet her brand new daughter. They congratulated me on becoming a granddaughter, hugged me and my father pointed his finger to his cheek, gesturing for me to kiss him. I just looked at him like “yeah right.” It was all an act for Kim’s behalf. Kim and I both knew it. I went outside for some “fresh air” and let her have her visit with them.

The last time I talked to my father was a few months ago. His mother, my grandmother, had been hospitalized because of a heart attack. I had information that he wanted so he was magically talking to me. During one of these conversations, he had the audacity to tell me I should keep in touch. After 30+ years of them ignoring me, referring to me as “the other one” if we were ever in the same place, and now all of the sudden you want me to keep in touch? I was so mad! They continued talking to me only as long as I had useful information for them and then the contact ceased.

And I am mad for his treatment of his own mother over the years, dictated by his wife. My mother never liked my wonderful grandmother and refused to see her. She also made it impossible for him or us (while I was still under that roof) to see her. Why my father allowed this to happen is beyond me. This is his mother. He had to sneak to see his own mother. A mother who no matter how many times he canceled a planned lunch visit or anything else, forgave him…. over and over again. Whose heart is now broken because she now has to bury another child. My heart breaks for my grandmother. No one should have to lose a child, let alone two… at any age.

And finally I feel guilty. I feel like I should feel more, that I should be heartbroken that my father has passed away. After all, even though he and the rest of “his” family erased me from their lives, he is/was still my father. I have cried, but my tears have been out of anger, they have been out of worry for my grandmother and for my kids. They have been for what could and should have been, but not for the loss of my father. I can’t cry now for the loss of my father because in truth, I lost my father many, many years ago and grieved the loss of my family at the same time. Therapy took care of that for me. What is happening now feels like it is happening just to someone I know, people I feel bad for like you would anyone who loses a family member but not that gut wrenching feeling you should feel when you lose a parent….. and that makes me not only feel guilty but cold. Like a cold hearted bitch. But I grieved for him already, he was just still alive and well when I did.

To all of you who have lost someone to this horrible virus, I am so sorry for your loss.

To all of you who still refuse to SELF-ISOLATE…. Shame On You! Whether you want to admit it to yourselves or now… you might as well be holding a gun to someone’s head. You are killing people with your ignorance! Get the hell in your homes and don’t come out unless it’s for groceries or your job!


Covid 19 – Self Isolation

Sorry I have been absent again. Hopefully this post for explain in part why I’ve been absent!

We recently found out that my (estranged) father has tested positive for Covid 19. He is at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.
There is a story behind his diagnosis/prognosis that I would like to tell. I can’t decide if the intent of this post is for the purpose of public shaming of my mother and sisters (again estranged), Christine Wilkes, Brenda Wilkes and Jennifer Wilkes, a public service message or just to reiterate the importance of self isolation if there is even the SLIGHTEST chance of having come in contact with this virus.

My mother and sisters recently came back from a trip of some sort from the US. They obviously did not heed the advice from the government of Canada or the US because my daughter ran into both my mother and father when she went to the doctors for her PREGNANCY whooping cough vaccine. At that point he had not yet been tested. So, not only has she (my “mother”) possible infected my father with the virus, she has now also possible infected my 8 month pregnant daughter who goes home to her husband and my almost 2 year old granddaughter and whoever else she and my sisters may have come upon in their travels as they go about their normal days!!!!
As my father lays in his hospital bed, I am being informed… second hand… of his condition, and having to relay this information… now third hand information to his 98 year old mother because not one of them can bring themselves to call her and keep her up to date on his condition
Having “balls” the size of watermelons, still at her age, my grandmother called my mother… who of course refused to answer the phone… asking if she could please bury the hatchet for at least the time HER SON is in the hospital and keep her updated. They (mother and sisters) had one of my sister’s husbands, a complete stranger to my grandmother, call and ask her not to call my mother, that she is already getting her from me! Well, they are being updated twice a day from the hospital and we are lucky to be receiving these updates once a day. Me, I really feel nothing but concern for my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter/grandchildren and grandmother, so that is the extent of my interest in the updates, but I know my grandmother needs them. I had to call her and explain to her that her son was in the hospital, had tested positive to the virus and wasn’t doing well…. in essence, I had to break my grandmother’s heart. That was the worst thing I have ever had to do to anyone! She could barely speak by the end of our conversation. Neither could I from listening to the sound of her heart breaking.

We have been watching the devastation this virus has been causing on the news every night, but from a “happening to everyone else” perspective. Now it has impacted our family and the concern for our daughter and her little family, for my grandmother…. it is overwhelming and it really makes you think.

My hope would be that most people would be able to look past petty squabbles if for no other reason than to appease a 98 year old mother who could quite possibly lose another son, or that most people would not be too selfish or self absorbed enough to actually follow the self isolation rules when returning from out of country. Their refusal to follow these Self Isolation rules could quite possibly kill their husband/father. Will they be able to live with that knowledge?

Self Isolation saves lives people!!!!

Take care Everyone!


Brown Sugar Coffee Cookies

There are plenty of “tea” cookies out there… so why not some “coffee” cookies? These cookies are brown sugar based with a hint of coffee taste. They are nice and crisp on the outside but chewy on the inside… great with a nice strong cup of black coffee (my favourite kind lol)

Easy to make and delicious to eat!


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Crispy Potato “Cake” – Side Dish

A post that doesn’t involve my Cricut!!!! This post is a recipe I made a few weeks ago to have with dinner one night. It is similar to the Potato Stacks I made a while ago except it is one BIG stack and made in a sort of “cake” form The potatoes are sliced thin, covered in a mixture of olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt & pepper, parmesan cheese, shredded mozzarella/cheddar and then “stacked” inside a spring form cake pan to get the shape before baking in the oven to get the nice crispiness!

These potatoes are a delicious side dish to go with any meal!


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Embellished Cake Plate – Cricut Project

Again, this is one of the projects I did with all of the cutting I did the week I had my Cricut Machine upstairs. I had been thinking about doing something to my cake plate for ages and while I had the Cricut out it seemed the perfect opportunity.

I decided to just go with some roses going around the outside of the domed top of the cake plate. Originally I was going to cover it with words like cake, cookies, pie and such but changed my mind and went with the flowers instead. I am happy with how it turned out.

I found a nice pattern in Design Space of plain old roses and leaves and cut it out of permanent vinyl. I used red and green. I would have used a burgundy but I didn’t have any on hand.

Here is the cake plate after I finished applying the vinyl. It looks so much brighter and fresher and stands out on the kitchen table…. EVEN when there is no baking under it lol!


Dog Bandannas – Cricut Project

When I had my Cricut out last week I ended up cutting a bunch of stuff so that when I felt like doing something I had it all cut out and ready to apply to whatever project it was cut for.

One of those projects was Personalized Dog Bandannas. You will notice that I only have a picture of Leroy sporting his new fashion accessory lol. You might even notice in the picture Dillon laughing in the background. He is laughing because 1) he is holding Lucy so that she can’t “attach” Leroy to try to steal his bandanna, and 2) because for the life of us we could not get a picture of her sporting her new bandanna. She was way more interested in trying to eat/play with them lol! She is 6 months old now and still has way too much puppy in her to just sit and pose for a picture when she has something different around her neck!

It did take a little bit of bribery to get Leroy to sit somewhat still for his pictures as well but at least I got a couple of them to add to this post!

These aren’t anything fancy. I picked up two white bandannas from the dollar store and chose a font in Design Space and colours of Heat Transfer Vinyl that I thought would stand out and cut it out using my Cricut.

I ironed the vinyl onto each bandanna, tied them to fit the dogs necks and then attempted to take my pictures. I swear it took longer to take the few pictures I got of Leroy than it did to create the bandannas lol!

Here are the pictures of Leroy modeling his bandanna!


50th Birthday T-Shirt – Cricut Project

I would first like to start by first thanking everyone for your well wishes. I am starting to feel better and hopefully will be back to blogging on a regular basis soon. That leads to the second part of this paragraph… I would like to apologize for the very sparse blogging. I hope to remedy that once I feel better!

This week Chris turns 50, and can finally stop bugging me about being old lol! Since I am a whole 2 1/2 years older than him, he bugs me incessantly about being “old!” He doesn’t want an actual party, but we had a nice lunch with Kim and Scarlyt (my granddaughter)…. it was so nice to see them, and even better to get a whole bunch of grandbaby hugs and playtime! I was getting worried there for a while that we were going to have to put it off for a while because of how sick I have been. Thankfully I am not contagious!!!

Back to Chris and his 50th birthday. As I said, he didn’t want a birthday party, so I made a nice pot of everyone’s favourite potato soup, some cheese and crackers (Scarlyt LOVES crackers) and as per a very big hint from Chris… a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake lol! I will still make his Favourite Cake on his actual birthday but he really, really likes ice cream cakes so it was a ice treat!

Now back to this T-Shirt. I found this pattern on Etsy. I had seen a lot of different ones with different years on Pinterest so I started looking for the year Chris was born. Once I bought the pattern and had a good look at it, I realized I probably could have made it myself in Design Space… but time, illness and just plain tiredness at this point made that impossible, so I bought the pattern.

It took a few days of weeding again because of the above mentioned hurdles, but I am happy with the T-Shirt and hope Chris will be as well once I give it to him!

After all that… .here is his shirt!