Macaroni & Beer Cheese

I Love Macaroni, can’t wait to try this one!

What's for Dinner Moms?

We went to an Irish music day at a local brew pub recently and one of the items on the menu was Macaroni and Beer Cheese. Of course my daughter had to try it. She hates the smell of beer, wine, etc… but she loves to have food cooked with them. After tasting it she said that I could make this at home for her.

So, last night we began our experiment. Before it even went in the oven she was eating it right from the sauce pan!


If you are looking for a good side to complement your corned beef brisket or just want something a bit different this was tasty! Both kids loved the bit of flavor added by the lager. If you don’t have a lager on hand use whatever beer you have. My suggestion is don’t use a light beer (is that really beer?) or…

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2 thoughts on “Macaroni & Beer Cheese

  1. Hi! Guess what I had for dinner? Yup you got it …. mouthwatering macaroni! Like I shared, I love pasta ……. thank God for pasta Heaven haha! So I’m so happy to try out your recipe soon! Sending you happy pasta hugs! 🙂

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