Clay Pot Fire Hydrant


I have seen versions of these all over the internet, so I thought that having 2 rather large dogs, we needed one! That and the fact we have a “Dog Bum” garden ornament lol.  You will see it in the final pictures of the fire hydrant when it’s in my garden!

They seemed easy enough to make so I started one….last year lol.  With my brain injury there are only certain times that I can do some things and apparently finishing my summer garden crafts last year wasn’t one of them!  I have now completed 3 of them, which I will share with you, but I still have a ways to go to catch up!

I think you will like this project.  It was fairly easy and looks great in the garden!


It took very little to make this.  6 clay pots and one clay pot bottom, some paint, some patience and some glue.  I tried “5 Minute Epoxy” but got fed up waiting for it to dry lol!


I  had already painted the pots red last summer but still went over them with another coat of paint so it was uniform again!


Then I decided that my fire hydrant needed a shield/logo lol.  I just drew this out in pencil and then painted over the pencil marks!

At this point I changed the direction I was originally going. I decided now that I wanted to incorporate “Dalmatian” spots into my fire hydrant. I was so close to being ready to seal it and then I go change my mind 😦

Now I could finally seal/varethane the clay pots!  It didn’t really take that long to redo the parts I had already painted red.  It took 2 coats of white to fully cover the red, but I think it was worth it!

I gave it 3 coats of sealer, just because I knew it was going to be in the garden and I wanted it to last more than one season!

Once it was dry, it was time to assemble.  This is where I had issues.  The epoxy was taking too long to dry and I had to hold the little clay pots in place, one at a time, until they dried.  That just wasn’t happening!

I ended up attaching them with my glue gun.  I didn’t do the tidiest job with the glue gun considering the face the little clay pots don’t touch all the way around where I wanted them.  I tried to fill in the “spaces” with more glue lol.   Like I said, it looked/looks a bit messy. I decided these were just the “welds” and since I am not a welder like Chris, I was entitled to have messy welds!

Once the glue had fully set, I painted over it with the red and resealed it.  It looks pretty good if you don’t look too close lol!

This is what my fire hydrant looked like when it was all done! “Dog Bum” and all lol!



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