Mason Jar “Apothecary Jars”

This post starts our Mason Jar Crafts week of projects!

I decided to start with the Apothecary type jars and to pretty them up for the craft room!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to attach everything but Chris made a trip into town and picked up 2 kinds of adhesive for me!


I forgot to take pictures when I started to show everything I used but here is the first picture I took. This is all the wooden pieces I base painted for this project.

I let those dry and then Chris took my lids and finials out to the shop, drilled little holes in the lids and finials and screwed the finials to the lids.

Next it was time to bling them up lol!

I gave them a good coat of glitter paint. They are going in the craft room so they had to be pretty!

Now it was time to put them together!

These are the adhesives that Chris bought for me.  I used the construction adhesive for the wood and the gorilla glue for the glass.

They worked great!  Everything is now all glued together and once it’s set we can fill them with pretty buttons or whatever!

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