Instapot Creamy Tomato Soup

After how good the Potato Soup turned out in my Instapot, I decided I wanted to try a different type of soup and it ended up being a tomato soup.  And it was/is delicious!  For whatever reason, I have been in a soup sort of mood so don’t be surprised if I end up posting more soup recipes made in the Instapot!



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INSTAPOT Sweet Potato Baby Food

I just had to try it, at least once lol. I bought Kim one of those Baby Bullet systems for making baby food but when I found out it could be made in my INSTAPOT as well, I had to try at least one batch for my granddaughter.

I made baby food for Kim and Dillon when they were first introduced to solid food and I find it so cool that the tradition will continue. It’s nice knowing exactly what you are feeding your baby.

I decided to make sweet potato baby food, being one of the suggested first vegetables.

I washed the sweet potatoes and put them on the trivet in the instapot then added about 1 3/4 cups of water.

I set the pot on pressure cook for 12 minutes. I let the steam release but the sweet potatoes weren’t done yet. I set it to run on pressure cook for another 6 minutes and rereleased the steam before removing them from the instapot bowl.

I removed the skin and mashed the insides with a little bit of water from the pot until it was the right consistency.

I spooned the sweet potato into the cavities of a clean ice cube tray and it’s ready to freeze! The ice cube trays are awesome for freezing baby food because it’s already portioned and you only have to pop out and thaw what you need!


Instapot Seasoned Chicken Breasts

I took out some chicken breasts the other day for dinner.  Originally I was just going to bake them in the oven with some kind of sauce or whatever on them.  Then I started thinking about how much the boys enjoyed the chicken I cooked in it for them last week.

Instead of a big saucy recipe, this time I was just cooking the chicken breasts whole and with a few seasonings mixed in with olive oil and chicken broth, coating the chicken in the mixture before cooking them!  Chicken breasts come out so juicy and tender when cooked in the Instapot.  I swear I could put just about anything on them, cook them in the Instapot and they would be delicious no matter what!



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Fruit & Nut Chocolate Drop Candy

I have been seeing so many “Christmas Countdowns” on social media and it seems everywhere I look. It got me to thinking about Christmas baking and all the fun treats I like to make for gifting. I made a bark similar to this candy a while back and yesterday I thought I would make Chris a treat (He LOVES Fruit & Nut chocolate bars) and make a batch of this candy.  As with the bar and most of the fudge recipes I make, this is very quick and easy to make using condensed milk and the microwave!



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French Onion Beef Casserole

I completely forgot about dinner the other night. It was about 2 hours before and I still had no clue what I was going to make.  I had a look in the freezer and on the pantry shelf and came out with ground beef, macaroni noodles and French onion soup mix and decided to combine them with some green onion, minced garlic, broth and grated parmesan for a casserole that had both Chris and Dillon cleaning their plates!



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My Christmas Preview

As usual I have made a long list of Christmas gifts I want to make…. especially now that Chris and I are grandparents. I thought I would give a preview of these in the hopes it will keep me motivated lol!

Kim found some pictures of ideas for me for her and hubby!

She found what is called a “Skoodie” that she would like and a skeleton scarf set! I wouldn’t mind one of those scarves for myself!

She found a few things for my son-in-law as well as something else I’d like to try…

This is what she found…

And I’d like to combine the next few pictures into a sword display. I thought I could use a wood burner for the fancy stuff on the blade

Now… for our granddaughter lol… I have already started on a fluffy hoodie for her with teddy bear ears… and I want to try making the pictures below on my scroll saw!

And finally, here are a few things I want to make for other family members. I thought I could again use the wood burner on the shield below.

Another long list of things to do. Hopefully if I start soon I will accomplish all of it…and anything else I decide on!

Wish me luck lol!


Spicy Pork Ramen Noodle Dinner

When I made Pork Tenderloin the other night, I made two, knowing I was planning on make this recipe later in the week.  I wanted to have something quick to make for the day I had my out of town doctor’s appointment because they always leave me completely exhausted.  This seemed like a perfect way to make use of the leftover pork tenderloin from the other night!



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INSTAPOT Honey Garlic Chicken

Earlier this week I decided I wanted to try something else in the Instapot for dinner.  I knew I had a package of chicken breasts in the freezer so I grabbed them and made this delicious Honey Garlic Chicken that I served over rice, well, rice for Chris…. Pasta for Dillon lol!

No matter what it was served on this was a definite clean their plates kind of meal!  They both really like that sort of meal!



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Pork Tenderloin with Gravy

Again, this isn’t a summer meal but I cooked it anyway.  I so prefer cool/cold weather cooking… casseroles, slow cooked roasts, and that sort of thing.  There are so many comfort foods that are more suited for the cooler weather and I can’t wait to get back to that kind of cooking.

While the crock pot produces some wonderful meals without heating up the kitchen, I find you still don’t feel like eating anything that “heavy” during the summer months. I think this recipe qualifies as that type of meal but it didn’t stop Chris and Dillon from digging in!

I use this same recipe to cook a beef roast because it always comes out tender and very flavourful.



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Tulle Toy Hammock

With all the toys and stuffies Kim received through baby showers and baby gifts, she needs somewhere to store them all. She sent me a few pictures of the type of toy hammock she would like, so I bought the tulle and other things I was going to need to make one for her/my granddaughter!

I used 58″ tulle so there will be lots of room for her stuffies.  I only had a few stuffies laying around the house so you can’t really see how well it works.  I will try to get Kim to take a picture once it’s up at their place to show better how it works!


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