Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

Today I did a few Mason Jar Crafts.  This one is a lace covered candle holder.  It would be perfect for a wedding table centre piece!



This is what I used to make my centre piece!


I had already put a few coats of glitter paint on the jar before I started today.  I guess you really won’t see it once the lace is glued on but I will know it’s there!

So the next step is to glue your lace on.  My lace was too long so I cut it off to the length I wanted for the centre piece and used my glue gun to attach it to the rim of the jar, folding in pleats as I went.


After that I glued the “bling” ribbon around the rim, covering up the raw edges of the lace I had just attached. (It looks kind of crooked in the picture. Thank goodness there will be other things to sort of hide that lol)


Now it was just a matter of “dressing” it up a bit. I just used a nice ribbon bow, an artificial flower blossom and a few strands of that bling ribbon.


I put one of those flameless candles inside and that is my centre piece!  With the lights on and with them off so you can see how it looks lit!



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