Clay Pot Dog Ornament

Yes…. another Clay Pot project lol!  This one is small, but cute.  I found them on Pinterest, of course, here: /

I thought it was the cutest thing and of course had to try at least one!  I really do think we are going to have to do another whole week, at least, in future about Clay Pot crafts.  There are so many wonderful ideas circulating out there!  Look out Dollar Store…. I’ll be back to raid your clay pot section in the near future lol!

This was a very easy craft to make, other than another round with glue, that I unfortunately lost again…. my crazy glue tube apparently had a pin hole in it and I ended up gluing my fingers to the tube and had to “pry” it off.  I am still picking pieces of dried crazy glue, and yes, skin, off of my fingers 😦 )


These dogs don’t take much, by way of supplies, to make. 3 pots the same size, 1 smaller pot and then 4 tiny pots for feet.  When I took these pictures I was still unable to find the really small pots so I improvised.  I found some little “finials” that I think might work if I still can’t find the tiny pots on Friday!


I had trouble deciding on a colour for my “dogs” but in the end I went with brown.  Not very exciting but there are lots of brown dogs lol! So, I based painted the pots and the “feet” in dark brown and set them aside to dry.  The bane of my existence… having to wait for paint to dry!  Chris always tells me if I am that impatient, get out the hair dryer and use that to speed up the process!


As you can see from the picture above and below, the pots are base painted and using crazy glue (or a glue gun), attach two of the 3 bigger pots, bottom to bottom to make the body and then the medium pot to the bottom of the last bigger pot, to make the snout.


Now it’s fun time!  Decorate your dog.  Give him eyes, give him character!

When your dog is painted to your liking, seal it.  You don’t want to put him outside and then lose all your hard work!

Let the sealer fully dry and then you can attach the body to head and the feet to the body with crazy glue or your glue gun!

Add a ribbon around the neck and maybe a nice dog tag from a jewelry finding!  Make the dog yours!  I am calling mine Rufus lol!

Here is the finished product!  Rufus the Garden Dog!  A quiet pet that stays, sits, doesn’t talk back and you don’t have to feed or clean up after him!  Considering what my two dogs eat, the not having to feed him is a bonus lol!!!

I hope you liked my Clay Pot Dog “Rufus” project and make one or more for your own garden!

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