Raspberry Filled Glazed Chocolate Cake

It feels like I have done nothing but bake/decorate cakes the last few weeks for one occasion or another…..

This is one of those posts I have been trying to get typed but never seem to have enough time.  I made this dessert for Valentine’s Day and it was thoroughly enjoyed.  I know it may seem like making a cake from a box is so much easier but making one from scratch really doesn’t take that much more of your time and tastes 1000% better!

While this cake technically has 3 steps, 2 of the steps can be done while the actual cake part is baking and cooling to save time!


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Meatloaf and Potato “Muffins”

I made these last week for dinner because they are always a hit.  I don’t know why but Dillon seems to love meals that I make in muffin tins.  Maybe because he thinks anything made in a muffin tin can be eaten by hand lol 😦

The meatloaf part can be made ahead of time, adding the potatoes just before cooking.  When I made them this time I forgot to add a bit of grated cheese to the tops of the meatloaf part before topping with the potatoes.  Adding that bit of cheese helps to keep the potatoes from sliding off the meatloaf when serving.


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Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy – Sewing

I found a cute little teddy bear sewing pattern when I did a search online for a different pattern.  It was very easy to make and turned out pretty well for my granddaughter.  I think the only thing I would change if I were to make it again would be to make the ears bigger on the pattern  They turned out smaller that I thought they would and I think teddy bears should have big ears lol!

I used the pattern for the teddy bear itself and then just made a little skirt and straps to add to it once it was sewn.


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Hello Kitty Cake

What a busy week it’s been!  We had our second birthday(s) celebration at my in-law’s yesterday….there was 17 of us!!!!  I made a double batch of my Broccoli & Asiago Cheese soup, and 3 little quiches to take…. as well as a cake that I will post later this week.  The cake alone will take 3 posts for all the steps but it was a fun experiment! And I have a back log of about 10 posts I need to actually type!!!

With last week being Dillon’s (my now 26 year old son, if anyone isn’t aware of it) birthday…. and being the resident smart ass lol… I thought I would make him a joke birthday cake.  I honestly do not remember where it started…. but for years at every birthday, Christmas and occasions such as those, Dillon receives at least one Hello Kitty gift.  One year I made him a Hello Kitty first aid kit, it could be something little like a cookie cutter, ice cube tray, whatever but always something Hello Kitty. 

When I baked the cakes for the birthday cake for Sunday, I made one extra round layer to use for Dillon’s birthday cake. I used the pieces I cut off the layers to make them sit even and made him this Hello Kitty cake lol.  When he got home from work that day I told him to check in the fridge at the awesome birthday cake I made for him.  He took one look and just burst out laughing.  Thankfully he is used to his mom’s strange sense of humour!


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Maple Garlic Sausage Round Patties

I made and posted these a while back but now seemed like a good time to repost.  What could be better than home made sausage patties for a weekend breakfast?

Yesterday I made ahead some Maple Garlic Sausage patties for today’s breakfast.  These are quick and easy to make and you can tweak them to suit your personal taste preferences.  The boys love maple sausages so I thought this combination would be perfect to test out on them!


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Garlicky Pizza Sliders

Last weekend was one of our family birthday celebrations.  We planned a lunch with the three of us, plus Kim, hubby and my granddaughter.  I asked Kim if she had any requests for lunch and she said Potato Soup lol… her go to when “Mom” is making soup for her!

I was going to make a couple of quiches to go with the soup and cheese and crackers Kim was bringing, but changed my mind and thought I would do some sort of oven sliders.  I figure it could be premade a few hours before baking and make for an easy lunch…. especially considering I made the soup the day before and only had to reheat it!

Everyone loved the pizza sliders… some more than others lol…. Dillon finished off the 3 leftovers the following day for lunch!


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Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

I was making ham and pineapple the other night for “the boys,” and was thinking about what I would make with it.  I don’t know why, but as soon as I think about making ham, I think about scalloped potatoes, so that’s what I made.  They just seem to be The side dish that goes with it. 

While no one really likes the “old fashioned” way of making scalloped potatoes…. making it by layering the sliced potatoes with onions and flour and then adding dabs of butter and pouring milk over top before cooking.  I always found that so tasteless and that sort of defeats the purpose of cooking for me!

Adding some cheese and lots of garlic makes way more sense and practically disappears off the plates!


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Mini Craft Room Update

I thought I would share the generosity from a few family members regarding the “now in use” craft room! Everyone has been so generous providing me with a few new items for the craft room.

First, when Dillon and I were out grocery shopping, we had to stop at the Canadian Tire store to pick up a few things.  Dillon surprised me by buying a 4 ft. folding table that I can use in the craft room so I have a big surface when base painting or to use as a cutting table when I am sewing.  It is great because it folds flat, meaning I can stash it behind the futon or the door when I am not using it, and it has a handle for if I want to carry it outside in the summer to use for any number or projects!  Right now it is covered with the base painting for 4 of the 8 or 9 projects I have on the go lol!

Next is a paint bottle rack that my mother-in-law (who is also a huge crafter), that she made herself but didn’t end up needing!  It is a wooden rack that hangs on the wall…. which means almost all of the paint bottles that were on the change table I redid are gone!!! While not all of them fit in the rack, I managed to get 84 bottles into the rack!!!!

How cool is that?  AND, I was given gift cards for Michael’s stores on my birthday and Christmas.  Because I don’t have a Michael’s store closer than an hour’s drive, Kim offered to go pick up the things I wanted for the craft room.

Ever since I saw one on Pinterest, I wanted one of those cute rolling racks for rolled storage.  Kim picked that up for me and some cute boxes for even more storage.

I put the two flowered boxes she picked up on the change table where the paint was and the other two (that she offered to return because he hubby picked them lol) I just put on the electric fireplace because the sort of blended in!