Covid 19 – Self Isolation

Sorry I have been absent again. Hopefully this post for explain in part why I’ve been absent!

We recently found out that my (estranged) father has tested positive for Covid 19. He is at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.
There is a story behind his diagnosis/prognosis that I would like to tell. I can’t decide if the intent of this post is for the purpose of public shaming of my mother and sisters (again estranged), Christine Wilkes, Brenda Wilkes and Jennifer Wilkes, a public service message or just to reiterate the importance of self isolation if there is even the SLIGHTEST chance of having come in contact with this virus.

My mother and sisters recently came back from a trip of some sort from the US. They obviously did not heed the advice from the government of Canada or the US because my daughter ran into both my mother and father when she went to the doctors for her PREGNANCY whooping cough vaccine. At that point he had not yet been tested. So, not only has she (my “mother”) possible infected my father with the virus, she has now also possible infected my 8 month pregnant daughter who goes home to her husband and my almost 2 year old granddaughter and whoever else she and my sisters may have come upon in their travels as they go about their normal days!!!!
As my father lays in his hospital bed, I am being informed… second hand… of his condition, and having to relay this information… now third hand information to his 98 year old mother because not one of them can bring themselves to call her and keep her up to date on his condition
Having “balls” the size of watermelons, still at her age, my grandmother called my mother… who of course refused to answer the phone… asking if she could please bury the hatchet for at least the time HER SON is in the hospital and keep her updated. They (mother and sisters) had one of my sister’s husbands, a complete stranger to my grandmother, call and ask her not to call my mother, that she is already getting her from me! Well, they are being updated twice a day from the hospital and we are lucky to be receiving these updates once a day. Me, I really feel nothing but concern for my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter/grandchildren and grandmother, so that is the extent of my interest in the updates, but I know my grandmother needs them. I had to call her and explain to her that her son was in the hospital, had tested positive to the virus and wasn’t doing well…. in essence, I had to break my grandmother’s heart. That was the worst thing I have ever had to do to anyone! She could barely speak by the end of our conversation. Neither could I from listening to the sound of her heart breaking.

We have been watching the devastation this virus has been causing on the news every night, but from a “happening to everyone else” perspective. Now it has impacted our family and the concern for our daughter and her little family, for my grandmother…. it is overwhelming and it really makes you think.

My hope would be that most people would be able to look past petty squabbles if for no other reason than to appease a 98 year old mother who could quite possibly lose another son, or that most people would not be too selfish or self absorbed enough to actually follow the self isolation rules when returning from out of country. Their refusal to follow these Self Isolation rules could quite possibly kill their husband/father. Will they be able to live with that knowledge?

Self Isolation saves lives people!!!!

Take care Everyone!


8 thoughts on “Covid 19 – Self Isolation

    • Thank you Abe. The drama can haunt us if we let it, can’t it? There is pain, but it is for my grandmother and what she is going through. I’m 52 😔 now and I have thankfully dealt with the fallout of the damage caused by the “drama” of being born odd man out. My pain comes from having to literally break my grandmother’s heart when I had to tell her that her last surviving son might be on his death bed. That was painful. She is my rock and being the one who had to deliver the news to her, however necessary, was awful. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer me/us your best wishes ❤ Sandie


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