Clay Pot Bee Hives


This week we are going to be doing a few “Clay Pot” crafts.  Today I decided to do these cute little Bee Hives for my “Flowerless Garden” lol.  I need to get some colour in it somehow!

This craft is simple enough that kids can make and personalize their own hives!


I of course started with a couple of clay pots, some paint and a few dollar store embellishments…. and my dreaded glue gun!  With kids, I would use either a low temp glue gun or some kind of strong tape for the few things that need to be attached.


I started out by base painting the pots a nice bright yellow.  I love painting clay pots because they absorb the paint and dry really fast between coats.  These only took two quick coats.

I couldn’t find any premade “Bees” at the dollar store so I just painted some pom poms to make my own!


Next I taped off where I wanted my black stripes to go with some painter’s tape and then painted the black over the yellow part that was still showing.

While the black paint was drying, I wrapped some white craft wire around a pencil to make the curly cue the little Bee will be suspended from.  I just wrapped it and pulled it off the pointy end.


When the black paint was fully dried, I decided I wanted to put a little “door” on my hive.  I painted it first in black in the shape that I wanted and then shaded/highlighted it in white so it stood out against the rest of the black of the stripe it was part of.


Then I decided to “speckle” it, just because of how much I like to speckle lol. It looked pretty good once I was done, I am glad I decided to do that at the last minute!


Now all I had to do was apply a few coats of sealer before “Final Assembly!”


All I did was use my glue gun to attach everything to the clay pots and it was all done!  I added the butterflies just because I saw them at the dollar store and one, thought they were flowers lol and two, because they were so cute!

And this time my glue gun didn’t outsmart me!  Woo hoo!


A couple of cute little “Clay Pot Bee Hives” for your garden or to give as a gift!


Just a bit of a Close Up!

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