Mason Jar Vase

I have seen a lot of these vases on Pinterest and decided it was time to try my hand at it.

I think they would not only make great Wedding centerpieces but also a great Mother’s Day or Birthday gift for someone special! Or you could just make it for yourself!

I think when this one is done it will end up as “Décor” in the Craft Room!!!



This is what I started with.  I raided the dollar store this morning when I was in town to get groceries!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the dollar stores lol?


I was originally going to paint the outside of the vase with the pink but then I remembered something I saw somewhere about just pouring the paint in and swirling it around and having the inside painted.

(This reminds me of a teacher’s gift the kids and I made one year.  We did this in clear Christmas ornaments, using a few different colours and created a “marble” effect inside the ornaments.  We attached a bow and gave each teacher a couple of the kids’ homemade ornaments).

Back to the Mason Jar lol! While the inside was drying, I thought why not put a coat of sealer on the outside of the jar and of course, add some sparkles!!!

I let this dry for an hour or so, as long as my patience would hold out!  Now as the time to “bling” it up!  I found some cool rhinestone ribbon last time I was at the dollar store, and I bought some wide sheer ribbon and a few embellishments!  All that was left now was to heat up my glue gun and get to it.

I added the rhinestone ribbon around the middle of the jar and tied the sheer ribbon around the mouth.  I attached the butterflies with glue and added another colour of ribbon in behind that just to make it pop a bit!

I added both a MOM and Initial chalkboard heart to this, just so you could see how it is appropriate for any number of occasions!

Now came the really hard part for me!  What to put in it!  I of course can’t grow flowers, and I hate the artificial ones because I have to dust them.  Dillon and I searched the house high and low for some kind of “flower” to put in the vase to take pictures and finally came up with 2 little bunches of little white flowers with a bit of greenery.  Desperate times and all that….we put these in the vase (after I dusted them! ) and this is what our Mason Jar Vase turned out like!


I am happy with it overall.  It is cute and I am sure any mother would love to receive this from their little ones! There are so many options to “bling” this up and personalize it.  That’s why I decided to add the little dragonfly at the last minute.  That is my thing…. I collect dragonfly items!  So, a little bit of me in the “fake, dusted” flowers!


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