Learning to Paint – Shading


I have always been interested in painting. My mom paints often and makes it look effortless. She has painted so many incredible things (many that are displayed in my apartment). I love drawing and my pictures are often well-praised but I don’t often attempt paintings.

My mom recently bought me a set of paint brushes and offered me my first lesson – shading – when we went to visit her last week. It’s certainly easier to attempt things when she is there with me and can help me remedy any errors but I wanted to keep practicing and attempted some of my own shaded pictures last night.

The first picture was one lotus flower (like the one I attempted last week with my mom) with some other design elements (I found a similar picture online for inspiration) and the second picture, which was a bit more advanced, had three flowers.

After sketching my flowers, which was the easiest step for me, I filled in my flower petals with a solid colour. If you’re not as comfortable drawing, you could easily trace a picture rather than sketching freehand. Once the paint dried, I started using my angled brush to add shaded strokes inside each petal. I had to remember to keep the brush a bit wet and to try a few brush strokes on my paper before applying to the canvas.

I started with one shaded colour on each flower petal and then added more as I went along. A few times the brush wasn’t wet enough and the shaded colour was too strong so I went back over with the base colour to correct the appearance. I used a tiny brush to add in the other design elements (the lines and dots) and used the wetted angled brush to add in a background colour.

I was impressed with my paintings and I am happy to share they’re the most recent additions to the wall art in my apartment. I’ve already planned a few more shading projects I can try before moving on to my next lesson.

From canvas to wall art, here is how my paintings came to be:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My hands have always been shaky when painting and I never thought that I would be able to paint well but now there’s hope that I can tackle some of my dream painting projects one day. My tips – take your time (patience is certainly not my strength), experiment until you like it (if you think an extra line would help – add it in. If you don’t like it – paint over it), and have fun (I only planned to paint one picture last night but enjoyed myself enough to try two).

Through this blog, we hope to offer lessons so that you can learn to paint, crochet, etc. also. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby or expand your current skillset!


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