Easter Mint Patties

I first saw this recipe before Christmas, put it on my to do list, but it didn’t happen.  So, when I saw the same sort of thing on Pinterest but done in Easter colours, I just had to try it!  This is where I saw the original recipe!


Now I of course didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  I had to employ my “cheater” methods to make it faster and they actually worked!!!!

While you can find the actual recipe at the link above, I will walk you through the steps I took doing it my way.  The end result was great and they are very yummy and minty.

Here is everything I used.  As you can see, my biggest cheating method is sort of making itself known in the picture with the ingredients…. my best friend in the kitchen…. my KitchenAid!


As the recipe said, I combined the butter and the corn syrup in the bowl of my mixer.  I then added the first measurement of icing sugar and a little bit more peppermint extract than the recipe called for.  I like mint, what can I say? Below is what each step looked like.

After that I added another measurement (1 cup) of icing sugar and mixed that up too.  At this point in the recipe it said to knead this with an additional 1 cup of icing sugar.  I did not do that (embarrassed face), I just threw the last cup of icing sugar in the mixer bowl and blended/kneaded it in that way.  It ended up looking like this…


It looks crumbly, and I was really worried I was going to have another Easter disaster but as you can see from the one “lump” in the middle, it does end up rolling nice.

I separated the dough into three balls and mixed in the food colouring, but when I started to mix it in, I noticed that it was taking on a really cool sort of marbled/tie dye look so I stopped at that point. I rolled the three colours up into balls and prepared to roll the balls. I hope you can see that effect I meant!


Next I got to rolling.  It went surprisingly quick.  I rolled them, rolled them in sugar and then lined them up on a pan lined with aluminum foil (I was out of parchment….again). After this I did as the recipe said (yes, I do know how to do that…on occasion) and flattened them with a fork.

After that all I had to do was stare at them for the 24 hours they are supposed to sit out, uncovered, for 24 hours to dry.  I will admit that they were worth the wait, and they will look so nice when I put them out with dessert on Easter!

I hope you take the time to try this recipe like I did.  I am definitely going to make these this Christmas, even if I have to do it soon!

Again, here’s the link to get the Recipe


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