Crocheted Flower and Leaves

Today, falling in with our Quick and Easy Crochet projects, I am showcasing a crocheted flower and crochet leaves.  I needed something to accent/dress up a baby bonnet I made and these are what I decided on!



I found the pattern for the flower at, thank you coolcreativity for the very easy and free flower pattern.  I made the flower in about 15 minutes and it looks great on my baby bonnet!

The pattern for the leaves I found at, so again, thank you to repeatcrafterme for this pattern.  I made 3 leaves in less than 15 minutes and they will look awesome with the bright orange flower I made for my bonnet.

While doing both, all I could think about were what other patterns/applications could I use these for.  I haven’t figured anything out yet but I know I will use these patterns again and again!

Again thank you to both blogs for the great patterns.  Here is my baby bonnet with both the flower and the leaves on it!  It turned out great!

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