Happy Halloween!!!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween! Hope all you kids out there have a great time in your costumes and score a lot of candy lol!

Sandie & Kim

ITH (In the Hoop) Key Fobs #1

I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I was wasting a few hours on Pinterest one day lol. If you are a fellow Pinterest junkie, you know what I mean about wasting a few hours. You might go on looking for one thing but then your attention is grabbed over and over again by endless possibilities! This happened to me when I started to notice these ITH projects…. so I of course had to try a few!

Because of the craft show coming up, my first attempts were going to be cat related! This one I bought the pattern from Etsy for my embroidery machine.

I used a light weight vinyl and then backed it with felt. I used a snap/stud tool to attach the little stud to form the loop that holds the key ring and hook.

These stitch up pretty quickly and will look really cute on someone’s key chain or even snapped onto a purse!

This is where I bought my pattern: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/721916684/kitty-cat-tag-snap-tab-for-4×4-or-5×7?ref=shop_home_active_34

This is the key fobs after stitching, removing threads and cutting around the stitch lines.

And this is the key fobs after attaching the snap/stud, felt to the back and the key ring and hook. Pretty cute for an easy project!


Cat Christmas Tree Ornaments #1

I am doing a couple of different kinds of cat ornaments for the Craft sale coming up…. coming up way too soon for my liking lol!

For these ornaments I cut a bunch of little cat silhouettes and hearts to place on the outside of the clear acrylic balls I bought.

Here is the “pattern” I made for the hearts….

And this is the one for the cat silhouettes…

I cut them, weeded them and applied them one at a time to the ornaments until I liked how it looked.

Once that part was done, I removed the top with the hanging loop from the ornaments and set them opening side up on egg cartons.

I poured white paint into each ornament and turned it back and forth until the entire inside was evenly coated.

I turned the ornaments upside down in the egg cartons to let any excess paint come out and for them to dry.

Once the ornaments were dry, I put the hanging loop end back on and made a nice black and white plaid ribbon bow for the top of each ornament and cut some silver cord to finish them off!

Here is the finished ornament, all ready for the craft sale!


Christmas Cookie Preview

Yes, I have already started to plan what Christmas cookies I am planning/hoping to make this year. I usually make at least 5 plates as gifts/hostess gifts each year so I like to try a few different things each year to change things up a bit.

I do stick to a few of the “usual” types…. gingerbread, plain shortbread, thumbprint cookies, that sort of thing but I really enjoy trying new types of cookies.

This post is to introduce everyone to some of the cookies I have come across that I want to add to my baking list this year. I am sure you will agree that they all look drool worthy!

I will include a picture and a link to the sites I found the recipes!

First one up is called Toasted Coconut Shortbread! Coconut!!! Need I say more?

Here is the link to this recipe: https://www.rockrecipes.com/toasted-coconut-shortbread-cookies/

Next one up are called Strawberry Truffle Kiss Cookies. They are intended for Valentine’s Day on the website but I think the colour will be a great addition to any Christmas cookie tray!

Here is the link: https://thedailyspice.com/easy-valentines-day-cookies/

Next up we have Red Velvet Kiss Cookies. These just look so decadent!

Here is the link to these cookies: https://thecafesucrefarine.com/red-velvet-kiss-cookies/

These next ones are so delicious looking! Chocolate Dipped Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies!

The link to this recipe: https://www.cookingclassy.com/chocolate-dipped-toffee-pecan-shortbread-cookies/

Check out these Cherry Bonbon Cookies! Don’t they look awesome????

Here is the link: https://www.cookingclassy.com/chocolate-dipped-toffee-pecan-shortbread-cookies/

Yes, another coconut recipe lol… I love coconut!!! No Bake Coconut Snowballs!

And here is the link for this recipe: https://forthefamily.org/no-bake-coconut-snowballs/

These are just a few of the recipes I want to try this year. I could honestly do about 100 posts of Christmas cookies that look so good I want to try them… but there is only so much time and only so many cookies I can make each year so I have to pick and choose wisely lol.

I like to have a selection of flavours and colours to make the Christmas Cookie Trays look interesting!


Quick Cricut Project – “Uncle Pickle” Mug

And not even a Christmas Craft Sale post lol!!!

The story behind the mug….

When Kim found out she was pregnant, I decided that based on Dillon’s name, he would/should be “Uncle Pickle” to his niece. It just seemed fitting considering some of the unplanned names the kids had for other relatives that were really cute.

So far Uncle Pickle has stuck and really seems to suit him!

I made a cutting pattern for a mug in Design Space…

Then just had to weed the vinyl and add/layer it onto the mug before “presenting” it to Dillon lol!

Here it is… in all its glory lol!


Christmas Craft Sale – “Kitty Kandy”

I know… everyone must be getting pretty sick of seeing both stuff being made for the craft sale… that is in 2 weeks !!!! and of seeing cat related/themed items. I only have one more week to get everything done, so you at least have that to look forward to lol…. only problem is that after the craft sale I start on Christmas gifts/decor lol! Sorry….

This project is thankfully another quick one. I picked up some cute lidded jars from the dollar store when I was there last… man, do I love the dollar store lol! These are going to be treat jars for cats.

I created a pattern of text (“Kitty Kandy”) and a few different colours of paw prints to sit in behind the text to add to the jars.

I cut and weeded the pattern and got it ready to apply to the jars.

I applied the vinyl to the jars, heat set it and then wrapped some decorative cord around the tops of them and now they too are ready for the craft sale!!!

I am getting really close to being at least past the half way point of getting everything ready! Hopefully this coming year is the year I actually do get started very, very early in the year so I am not running around like a crazy (or crazier if you know me well lol) person trying to get everything ready in time!


Cricut – Cat Themed Wine Glasses

Yep…. another one lol!!!

I decided that since the Cat Themed Mugs turned out so well using my Cricut, that I would also do some wine glasses.

With wine drinking and embellished wine glasses AND the stemless wine glasses being so popular right now I thought it would be a great addition to my craft sale booty lol!

I used some of the same images I used on the mugs and added a couple different ones.

I got the patterns, sizing and all that ready in Design Space….

Cut and weeded the vinyl so it was ready to apply… and then applied it to the outside of the wine glasses.

Here is a picture part way through.

I guess my brain stopped working after a while because I somehow managed to apply to weeded vinyl to the wrong side of the backing paper of the transfer tape and it was not coming off!!!! I ended up having to recut and reweed some of the patterns in order to finish!

After recutting the patterns I messed up and reweeding them… here are the finished wine glasses ready to be packed away into my plastic bins of craft sale stuff!


Instapot Herb Rubbed Chicken Breasts

Here is another example of how the Instapot can save you if you don’t take dinner out to thaw in time lol! I have that problem sometimes but especially this time of year… between getting ready for the craft sale and then getting ready for Christmas… I don’t stop until I go on strike Boxing Day now!

Using the Instapot to cook chicken, or anything else for that matter, seems to seal in the taste and the juiciness of the meats, making for a delicious meal!


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Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Meatballs

When I gave these to Chris for dinner the other night (Dillon is on an afternoon shift right now), I thought that this time I overdid it with the spicy part lol. It took 2 glasses of milk and a runny nose, but he did eat them all and enjoy them lol!

This is an easy recipe to make and if you do as I did and double it, it’s an extra “Freezer Meal” for another day This is the time of year that I try to make double of whatever I am making to freeze for the busy month of December when cooking time is at a minimum, ensuring I not only get the Christmas stuff done I want to but that everyone is also being fed good homemade meals with little effort on my part!


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Christmas Craft Sale/WIP/Cheater Floating Method for Machine Embroidery

I’m starting to think we should have named our blog Oops she did it again because yesterday I fell asleep again doing my post… I mean like full on asleep with my laptop on my lap. I’m surprised it didn’t try to take my snoring and use it in my speech to text program lol. Either way, I apologize for not having a post yesterday! Now for the actual post…..

Yes, a very long title, and yes, sorry another Craft Sale Post lol! Because that is pretty much all I am working on right now… other than trying to stay awake, that will be the topic of my posts for at least another week after this one. Then it will turn into a lot of Christmas gifts and decor!

Saturday (after grocery shopping) and Sunday I spent at my sewing machine, working on tea towels and potholders for the craft sale.

This is everything I got done over the weekend…. embroidery wise….

Out of all of them, I have to say that this set is my favourite so far….

I know I have posted at least one potholder project and probably a few tea towels. I am sharing them again this time because due to my laziness/lack of time I found a sort of cheater way to “float” the potholders while embroidering them that doesn’t require me to do a basting stitch on each one first.

What I did instead of running a basting stitch on each potholder…. I just pinned them, top and bottom to the stabilizer, fastened the stabilizer to the hoop and embroidered it like that. The first time was an experiment to see if it would work… and it did!!!! That in itself saved/will save me a lot of time both doing the basting stitch and having to remove it after stitching!

Potholders pinned to Stabilizer, ready for stitching!

Today I am off to the doctors and then back to my sewing machine and Cricut, trying to get everything for the craft sale done by next weekend!!!