Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Much to our dogs chagrin, I dressed them up again this year for a few pictures. 

You can see how thrilled they are to be dressed up lol! It took quite a few dog treats and many retakes to get the picture of Leroy  (the hound), Kita, the witch, while not thrilled still just sat there and let me do it! She has always liked to dress up, as long as you tell her how pretty she looks!

The Vampire 

The Witch

Ramen Noodle Cheeseburger Casserole

I’m still not feeling well, so dinner had to be something quick and easy to make but something “the boys” would enjoy and fill their bellies!

I have been contemplating making something using ramen noodles as a base for a long time, I just couldn’t decide what to make… until today.

Today I am making a Cheeseburger Casserole using ramen noodles. Quick and Easy and in my books qualifies as a Budget friendly meal!


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Knotted Fleece Stroller Blanket 

Sorry there haven’t been many posts the past few days. I have been sick/am sick with a nasty flu bug and haven’t done much of anything. 

I thought today I would make something very simple.

If you’ve never tried a knotted fleece blanket before, they are quick and easy to make and make great gifts.  You can make them any size or shape, you could even make a round one if you wanted!

I remember making a bunch of these as gifts years ago when I was still working at a fabric store!

I made mine stroller size. It ended up being 24 x 38 inches. 

All I needed was a fleece blanket which I bought at the dollar store for only  $3.00 and some scissors! Looking at the width of some of the cuts, I probably also should have used my tape measure!

I began by cutting off the finished edges all around the blanket.  I folded it in half to make two pieces, a top and a bottom, and rounded the corners. 

I placed the two pieces together, wrong sides together, right sides facing out.

Then I started to cut the slits… all the way around the blanket.  I cut them about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. 

Once they were all cut I started knotting them, attaching the top layer to the bottom. 

And I continued knotting all the way around until all the slits were tied.

And I ended up with a cute, warm Knotted Fleece Stroller Blanket! Another project to the “baby collection” I’ve started for impending grandparenthood lol!


Maple Garlic Sausage Round Patties

Yesterday I made ahead some Maple Garlic Sausage patties for today’s breakfast.  These are quick and easy to make and you can tweak them to suit your personal taste preferences.  The boys love maple sausages so I thought this combination would be perfect to test out on them!


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Wooden Cat Door Stop

When I was cutting stuff out on my scroll saw for Christmas gifts I decided last minute to make a cute little Cat Door Stop for the cat lover on my list. 

 It was quick to cut out and didn’t take long to sand down in preparation for painting!

We are trying to limit the amount of gifts we give each other so I am (cheating and…) making the majority of gifts in “Basket” form, mixing things I am making with stuff I am buying that suit each person!


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Pom Pompom Pumpkins 

I decided to do one more Halloween/Pumpkin craft this week. Pom Pompom Pumpkins. 

This is another very easy, kid friendly craft. All that’s required is some Orange wool, a piece of cardboard, green pipe cleaner and scissors. 

I made a quick pompom maker from the cardboard. 

I wrapped the wool around and around until it looked fat enough. 

I wrapped another piece of wool around the wrapped wool, in the slot in the cardboard, added a piece of pipe cleaner and tied it tight.

Next I removed it from the cardboard and cut through the loops on each side.

I gave it a good shake and started to trim them.

Curled the ends of the pipe cleaner and tied a knot in the long piece of wool for hanging, and that’s it! Pompom Pompom Pumpkins!