Cat Butt Coasters

Yes, that is a sort of offensive name and no, it is not a coaster for your cat to put their butt on lol, these are adorable drink/table coasters that just look like your cat’s butt!

I found these at My Yarn Spot and just had to try them!  We are all cat lovers (and dogs) so these were a no-brainer to try! And they most definitely fall into our Quick and Easy Crochet projects week.  Each “coaster” took me about 15 minutes to complete, including weaving the ends in.

If you are looking for a quick and easy project that is very unique, look no further.  These would be great as a gift for your crazy cat friends or a great project for the craft sale season!



Here is where I found the pattern

I followed the instructions to the letter the first time. The second time I lost count somehow and that is why the orange cat seems bigger and the other two I just went with it and changed up the placement of the feet so they were not all the same!

Here are my Cat Butt Coasters in all their cat butt glory!

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