Canada Day Project 2019 #2

Here is my other Canada Day project for this year. I decided I wanted to paint a sort of Canada Flag on a hand saw. I was going to go out and buy a new one for the project but Chris told me he had an old one that he couldn’t use… apparently he tried to cut something he shouldn’t have lol!


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Canada Day Project 2019 #1

Here is the first of my 2 Canada day projects for this year. Today I had the opportunity to spend pretty much the whole day at my sewing machine which was awesome. Not only did I get a good start on a couple of projects but the basement is SO much cooler when the weather gets hot lol!

This is a T-shirt that I made for Chris. He is big into “Canadiana,” and skulls so this seemed like the perfect project to make for him and for me to play!

I found the pattern on Etsy. They have a great selection of machine embroidery patterns. I could literally spend the whole day just looking at them and adding them to my favourites!

This one I found here – – at a store called KHCraftsStudio.

I didn’t have any of the burgundy thread colour called for in the pattern so I ended up substituting a reddish brown colour. Not too bad I don’t think. I will say though that any mistakes are all me lol, not the pattern. (I ran out of bobbin thread once and had a tension issue another time 😦 )


Homemade Laundry Scent Booster

I have been fooling around with different “homemade” cleaning alternatives. Some work, some don’t but all of them were definitely worth trying on the off chance they did work. This is one of them.

I love adding those little scent booster pellets to the wash, some of them smell so awesome. What I do not love is the price. I am already using a nice smelling laundry detergent and fabric softener so why spend upwards of $10 of a scent booster?

What is even better about this…. it only takes a few minutes to whip up a batch. And if after a while you find the smell is starting to dissipate, you can just add a few more drops of your favourite essential oil to the jar and shake it to disperse!

(That was the only label I could find the other day lol!)


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Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

I made a version of this a while back using different ingredients. While that one was pretty good, this one is even better. It takes a little while but is definitely worth the time. We had it on pork tenderloin the other night and everyone pretty much devoured it!


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Review – Grocery Store (Loblaws)Freebie – Beef & Spinach Lasagna

I am sure I have mentioned before that I shop at a store that offers “Click and Collect” grocery shopping. It has been a huge help on my TBI recovery because it means I do not have to actually go into the grocery store. You order what you need online, they shop (with your instructions on how you want your fruit or whatever) and then bring it out to your vehicle in designated parking spots. It is an awesome service!

Last week when we were picking up our groceries we were given a freebie. We quite often get items free as samples but this time it was a store assembled full dinner.

It included everything needed (including the pan) to make a Beef & Spinach Lasagna!

It came with detailed instructions, laminated even, to show you how to make it… which is great because it could be used as a “recipe” to follow at a later date!

It took about 20 minutes to assemble and then a bit in the oven and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

While it is awesome to get a freebie, it is even better when it is this good… so Thank You Loblaws!

Homemade Gel Air Fresheners

Here is a very quick project… less than 5 minutes to make and it will help your house smell great! I would usually buy something like this from the dollar store, but I find the scent never lasts very long. Now I just make my own and because you use essential oils, the scent lasts longer!

You can leave these plain, or you can dress them up however you want to suit your decor, the possibilities are only as endless as your own creativity!


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Pop Bottle Mosquito Trap… Hopefully! ***UPDATE***

UPDATE: Well, I’ve had this on my back deck for 5 days and I guess it “trapped” one mosquito a day lol because that’s all that is in the trap! Another mosquito repellent idea down the drain, but we will keep trying. I swear I look like I have Chicken Pox due to the number of bites 🤨

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are having a really bad season for mosquitoes. I swear I got about 10 bites just hanging clothes on the line! 😮

I have been trying anything and everything I’ve ever seen to deal with the issue. Our house and yard have smelled alternating scents of garlic, sage, tea tree oil, coffee… you name it, we’ve tried it.

This little project is another attempt at dealing with them… and if you have an empty 2 L pop bottle laying around it only costs pennies, using things you likely have on hand!

The first thing you need to do is cut the bottle in half, remove the lid and tape the 2 pieces together like in the picture.

Next you are going to mix together 1 cup of warm water with 1/4 cup of brown sugar, whisking until the sugar dissolves.

Pour this mixture into the bottom section of the bottle.

The last step is to add 1/4 tsp. of yeast to the brown sugar/water mixture. Just sprinkled, not stirred.

Now place it outside where mosquitoes frequent, just not close to where you are planning on hanging out and hopefully 🤞 the mosquitoes will go in it rather than buzzing around and biting you or your guests!

I will update after 2 weeks. The mixture is supposed to be changed and the bottle cleaned out every 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!!!


Ranch, Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burgers

Yum! The best word to describe these burgers!!! We FINALLY bought our new BBQ and our first BBQ meal was burgers for the Father’s Day lunch we had last weekend. I made these and some Onion Soup Burgers, along with the Potato Salad I posted yesterday and Macaroni salad… with tuna, dill, green onions etc. It was a delicious meal! We also had some big ass steaks for Father’s Day dinner so Chris is in his glory lol. He loves anything BBQ-ed lol!

Homemade burgers are easy to make. I like to take a whole “Club Pack” sized tray of ground beef/chicken/turkey and make a bunch of burgers to freeze for quick meals on the BBQ.


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Potato Salad

Yesterday was a rough day so I didn’t get much done, not even a post 😦

But…. today I post lol! With summer arriving today… Happy Summer…I thought I would post a summer salad recipe. I know potato salad doesn’t sound very exciting but with a different recipe you can change it up from the regular mayonnaise drenched potato salads. This salad is a nice refreshing take on potato salads!


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