Sock Crafts – “Hobby Horse”

Here is another Sock project that I did today.  I actually started it the day my sewing machine quit on me and was finally able to get back to it today!

It is a pretty easy project and can be made for either boys or girls.  I chose to do one for girls, one because I still had another pair of pink socks from my Sock Monkey project and two, because it meant I could bling it up lol!


This could make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a youngster you know!


As I said above, I started out with another pair of socks, pink again.  You keep one whole sock for the head of the horse and use the other one to cut out the ears (4).

(I also sewed some lace to the cuff of the sock for the head because I was doing a girly hobby horse)

I sewed the ears (2 pieces each) together, wrong side together, leaving the space at the bottom to turn it right side out. That is the only machine sewing on the hobby horse!


I turned them right side out and put them aside until I needed them.

I stuffed the front of the sock for the head, fairly firm, then wrapped batting around the stick/curtain rod I was using and inserting it into the neck portion of the horse. I ran a gathering stitch around the cuff of the sock and pulled it tight making sure all of the batting was inside the sock.

Once it was all stuffed and gathered, I hand sewed the ears on.

I ran a few stitches from one side to another at the end of the “nose,” pulling tight, to form the horse’s nostrils.


Next came the eyes.  I just used a couple of buttons I had on hand for eyes.


That’s it for the main part of the horse.  After that I just had to hot glue the cuff of the sock to the stick so that it didn’t ride up and started to add the reins and bling it up!

I put rhinestones around the muzzle and some coloured gems on the side of the reins.



I then glued the cuff of the sock, under the lace, to the stick and wrapped ribbon around the stick to dress it up a bit.


I had an awful time finding a way to take pictures of the damn thing lol.  Chris got home from work and I told him that and he looks at me like I am completely nuts (yes, I am, and yes, I am used to him looking at me like that), and asked me why I didn’t just lay it on the floor to take the pictures??? I don’t know what I didn’t think of that, but I wasn’t taking any more pictures today.

Below are the rest of the pictures I took of my Sock Hobby Horse.  I hope you enjoy her lol!

15 thoughts on “Sock Crafts – “Hobby Horse”

  1. Well, I never! The things you do with socks … I had a whole drawerful of odd socks that I threw out. why is it that teaspoons and one of a pair of socks always disappear into some great hole in the sky? I coulda made a herd of horses out of holey socks too 🙂

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