Tulle Toy Hammock

With all the toys and stuffies Kim received through baby showers and baby gifts, she needs somewhere to store them all. She sent me a few pictures of the type of toy hammock she would like, so I bought the tulle and other things I was going to need to make one for her/my granddaughter!

I used 58″ tulle so there will be lots of room for her stuffies.  I only had a few stuffies laying around the house so you can’t really see how well it works.  I will try to get Kim to take a picture once it’s up at their place to show better how it works!


Here is everything I used to make the hammock!

I started by folding the tulle the shape I wanted the hammock to be and securing it with the elastic bands.

I fluffed up the folded sections so they looked nice.

Next I cut 4 lengths of ribbon, 2 of each colour, and tied them tightly over the elastic bands.

I tied the ends of the ribbon into bows…

And the toy hammock was ready to hang.

I don’t have many stuffies here so I improvised with a few things and just hung it from the knobs of my kitchen cupboards to take the picture. I’ll get Kim to take a picture once it’s in the nursery and full!

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