Pretzel Rolls

I have been dying to try pretzel bread of some kind. Like your husband I could probably eat my weight in them too. I look forward to trying this!

The Pajama Chef

So, the consensus about Blueberry Burgers from Monday seemed to be that they are totally unique but worth a shot. Yay!! That’s totally what I thought too. But surprisingly [or maybe not so surprisingly, since bread is universally popular and loved], the pretzel rolls served with those sweet ‘n savory burgers got some attention too. And rightfully so! Those pretzel rolls were pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!

Pretzel Rolls | The Pajama Chef

Growing up, I never was a huge soft pretzel lover, but I happened to marry a guy who could eat his weight in soft pretzel if you let him, so my taste buds have adapted a bit over the past five years. My love of pretzel rolls began the day I bought a bag at Trader Joe’s a few years ago, and the self proclaimed pretzels-are-meh girl became obsessed with sandwiches and burgers on a pretzel roll. If it was…

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