I don’t know why but I had, a real hankering for Bruschetta last night.

I had picked up a whole box of tomatoes when we were at the grocery store and a little garlic baguette so it just seemed like the perfect thing to do with them!



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Chocolate Haystacks

Today I made Chris some Haystacks… not so much to be nice but to prove a point lol.  For years he has called Macaroons Haystacks and it drives me absolutely nuts.  I think at first he may have actually thought they were but after a while it just became a fun game for him to drive me crazy with!!!

As much as it pained me to actually reward this behavior lol, I made him some Haystacks today to show him the difference.


I made mine out of chocolate and I added raisins instead of peanuts for a different take on them.

I hope you enjoy them as much as he was last night lol!!!


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Saturday’s Breakfast – Eggs in a Cheesy Nest

This morning I made something different for the “boys” for breakfast this again.  They of course loved it….with these two, I swear that I could put ripped up paper bags on their plates and they would still eat it lol!  They like their food and they are loving this whole trying new recipes for the blog thing!

AND, this recipe is easy enough DADS for you to help the kids make for Mom today!


Again this is a very simple breakfast recipe… thankfully…  I am not a morning person and certainly not a just wake up and want to make a full breakfast.  Now, I do make them full on peameal, hash browns, eggs and toast a lot of the time but it is definitely not every weekend.  Even if I was a morning person, the cocktail of medications the doctors have me on are not conducive to alertness in the morning (or any other time of the day if you were to ask Dillon!)

Anyway, here is the Saturday breakfast recipe/steps!


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Peanut Butter Confetti Squares (No Bake)

This is one of my favourite recipes that I thankfully don’t make often lol. I mean to make it every Christmas for the “Cookie Plates” we give out, but never seem to remember to make it!

It is very easy, very quick and great to take as a treat anywhere,  or keep it and hide it all for yourself!


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Saltine Toffee Bark

The first time I had this my ex sister-in-law brought it over.  When she said Saltine Toffee it didn’t sound appetizing at all lol.  The thought of making toffee with crackers just seemed wrong.  But being a good sport (the chocolate on top didn’t hurt), I tried it and now wish I hadn’t.  It is very addicting.  Chris loves it too and generally eats enough in one sitting to make himself ill!

This is a very easy recipe but you have to make sure to follow the instructions regarding how to boil the sugar mixture or it will not work!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.  This is great in baskets at Christmas too!


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Tomato & Green Onion Quiche


Today I had a hankering for quiche.  Because of my current “health predicament” I am supposed to be loading up on proteins.  A difficult task when you don’t eat any meat, so eggs definitely fill that requirement.  Add to that the fact that I LOVE quiche, it’s a match made in heaven.

My favourite is Broccoli & Cheese Quiche but I forgot to buy broccoli so I opted for tomatoes, green onions and cheese.  It was delicious!

While I know quiche is very quick and easy to prepare, I will still walk you through how I made it!


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