Repurposed Serving Tray Chalkboards

A few weeks ago my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to go through a few things before she sent them off to the thrift store. In the basket were two little “silver” serving trays. I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with them at first but then remembered I saw on one site or another where someone made similar trays into little chalkboards, so that’s what I decided to do!


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WIP for Christmas 

Seeing as I don’t have anything actually finished today, I thought I could at least show you what I’m up to!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but if not, I hate base painting.  I just want to jump into the fun part lol. But base painting does have to be done, so I generally try to do it all at once!

That’s what I’m doing today.  Or at least starting! I think this is about half of it!

I will try to get at least one thing done today to post tomorrow because tomorrow is Thursday, my new weekly appointment with the new specialist! 24 weeks worth 😔

This is what I’ve started!


Outdoor Coffee Table/Furniture Recycle

For ages we’ve had this really ugly little coffee table in what we call the “middle garage ” that Dillon used and abused through high school lol.

When Chris and I decided to rearrange things on the back deck I decided to try to recycle this coffee table.

These pictures are the before and after photos!


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Learning to Paint – Shading


I have always been interested in painting. My mom paints often and makes it look effortless. She has painted so many incredible things (many that are displayed in my apartment). I love drawing and my pictures are often well-praised but I don’t often attempt paintings.

My mom recently bought me a set of paint brushes and offered me my first lesson – shading – when we went to visit her last week. It’s certainly easier to attempt things when she is there with me and can help me remedy any errors but I wanted to keep practicing and attempted some of my own shaded pictures last night.

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Craft Room – Update #1

While we haven’t actually started working on the bedroom/craft room makeover, we have started to accumulate various items for it.

We picked up some paint swatches to choose a colour and have decided, I think the final choice, on what we are going to do on the floor.

I am going to add some pictures of what we have accumulated, some of what we have planned and what we have decided on, I think, for the floor.

While we can’t show you all of the ideas we like, (it would probably end up being a novel) you can check out our “Craft Room” Pinterest page and see all of the great ideas people have posted!

Any feedback is more than welcome!


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In the months ahead we will be starting our Craft Room overhaul/redo, and new home of Oh Yes, They Did, in a spare bedroom at my place.  We will be creating, documenting and sharing through posts, videos and tutorials the process from start to finish. This will become the place we will one, showcase our decorating on a budget skills and our DIY skills and two, begin to create original projects for our blog.

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Wood/Paint Sealer




Have you ever finished a painting or wood project, having spent hours or even days getting it just right,  only to have the sealer you use pretty much destroy the project?  I certainly have.

There are either brush marks or its “splotchy” or there is just not enough or too much shine. Do you know that feeling? I cant count how many different brands and kinds of sealer I’ve tried, but to no avail.

That is,  until I found Wood Shield by Beauti-Tone.  It goes on smooth, there are no brush marks,  it dries quickly and the one I used is acrylic, so you can clean your brushes with water.  I absolutely love every project I’ve finished with this sealer! We liked how it works so much that we used it for seal our new wooden screen door and were more than happy with the outcome!

So, if you are looking for a new sealer to finish your latest project, check it out!