Painted Rock – Garden Decor

We have had this half of a rock sitting at the edge of the rail ties in front of one of our gardens for a long time. It used to be one big rock but it broke in half one day… maybe because of age? I don’t know why it broke but it gave me 2 new surfaces to paint on. The first half I used to make my mother in law a faux pond for a gift when she had to remove her pond/koi so she could still have a few “fish” in the garden… the second one I painted over the last few days.

The faux Koi Pond rock I painted a few years ago… the other half of the broken rock.

There really wasn’t much to do, steps wise, to paint the rock. I took the hose and a scrub brush to the rock to prepare the surface… making sure there was no dirt or anything built up on it.

I started to base paint what I decided I wanted on the rock. I added some bees because the really big fat ones are all over one of my shrubs all the time lol….

The background and bees base painted.

Next I base painted the daisies and painted the other flowers I wanted in the bottom corner with the green background… and a few at the top of the rock.

I finished painting it… and had to wait for everything to dry….

All I had to do now was to give it a lot of coats of varethane so it could withstand the “elements” and then placed it where I wanted it in the garden!


Cat Face Birdhouse

This was another gift I made for Mother’s Day… and another thing I didn’t think through fully before starting!  The intent was for the mouth of the cat to be centered on the hole of the birdhouse but the birdhouse I bought didn’t work out that way.  My only excuse?? Shopping really frazzles me right now.  Too many people, too many things to remember, just too much but I really wanted to paint this birdhouse and worked around my mistake as best I could!



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Cuckoo Clock Birdhouse

I have been sitting on this idea since Chris got an authentic Cuckoo clock for his birthday. This week I decided I knew exactly who would appreciate this sort of thing so I made it as a gift for this person. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it and figuring out how to make it actually look like a Cuckoo clock lol!

This was a fun craft to try and I am glad it turned out as well as it did!

Oh, and Happy “May the 4th” Be With You to all of you fellow space geeks lol!!


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Mason Jar Craft – Nursery Décor

Here are some cute little mason jar storage jars for the nursery… again going with the Woodland babies theme. I saw a picture similar on Pinterest a while back and knew it was something I wanted to try to make to store little things in the nursery!

I was able to get a set of 3 little mason type jars from the dollar store, making this a craft that cost under $2.00 but would make a great gift for anyone that loves the Woodland babies theme!



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Nursery Décor – Woodland Babies Painted Wall Canvases

I saw a whole bunch of cute painted woodland babies that I thought would make a nice addition to the nursery décor and a “surprise” for Kim when I went down last Saturday to help finish the nursery.  Well, a weekend long ice storm event ruined that plan so I am hopefully going to give them to her this weekend when we go down to finish…. barring any more unplanned “winter” weather in spring, or baby decides to make an early appearance!



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Nursery Décor – Dollar Store Craft

Last time Dillon and I were walking through the dollar store I came across some “Woodland Baby” wooden items.  Since that is what Kim and Codey are using for a theme for the nursery I grabbed them… knowing full well that if I didn’t the chances of them being there next time would be slim.



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Woodland Baby Wall Décor

I already published one post using something my mother-in-law gave me a few weeks ago when I posted about the little silver platters I turned into hanging chalkboards. This time I am using a large wooden heart she also gave me at the same time.

I made a wall hanging for the baby on the way for the nursery!


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Wooden Diner Sign 

The events of the past week or two have put me behind… again.  I’m honestly starting to think that me running around at the last minute like a crazy person  (and Yes, crazier than usual lol) is just another of our family traditions.  I just start thinking I’m ahead of the game and then it’s less than 2 weeks until the big day! Where did all the time go???

This is another one of the projects that I cut out using my scroll saw in the summer.  It too is a Christmas gift and I’m hoping that the person it’s for doesn’t see this post and ruin the surprise!

This is how it looked after I cut it out.

To me, using my scroll saw is sort of like sewing.  I just draw what I want on the pieces of wood and then follow the lines!

I base painted it white and then started to paint the rest.

Then it just needed a coat of sealer and a sawtooth hanger on the back and it’s ready to go!

Another Christmas gift finally finished!

Clay Pot Dog Ornament

Yes…. another Clay Pot project lol!  This one is small, but cute.  I found them on Pinterest, of course, here: /

I thought it was the cutest thing and of course had to try at least one!  I really do think we are going to have to do another whole week, at least, in future about Clay Pot crafts.  There are so many wonderful ideas circulating out there!  Look out Dollar Store…. I’ll be back to raid your clay pot section in the near future lol!

This was a very easy craft to make, other than another round with glue, that I unfortunately lost again…. my crazy glue tube apparently had a pin hole in it and I ended up gluing my fingers to the tube and had to “pry” it off.  I am still picking pieces of dried crazy glue, and yes, skin, off of my fingers 😦 )


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