Using an Overcast Stitch

When I saw my mother-in-law last weekend she was asking me about using the overcast stitch on our (she bought the same machine I did because she really liked all the features that made me buy it lol). She said she used it on something but it didn’t turn out anywhere near how she expected it to.

I thought it might make a good post because there may be other people out there making the same mistake we did, or just wanting to see how the overcast stitch works/looks.

I told her that I had a tablecloth I needed to shorten and hem and that I was planning on using the overcast stitch function to do it. Now keep in mind that until my new sewing machine I had been sewing on one that was probably about 30 years old. It didn’t have any of the bells and whistles this one does lol. That machine’s overcast stitching consisted of my zigzag stitch lol!

The new machine, my Brother HE300, has a few overcast stitch options. The first time I tried it I lined the fabric edge up with the space in the presser foot and started to sew. Definitely not the “finished” look I wanted for my tablecloth. I couldn’t figure out at first what I was doing wrong.

This is what my tablecloth edge looked like doing it this way.

It wasn’t completely awful but it still wasn’t how I wanted it to look. I stopped stitching at that point trying to think of what I was doing wrong. Apparently…. and all of you expert sewers, don’t laugh at me lol…. I needed to let a bit of the fabric go into the space in the presser foot. This gave the presser foot and the little appendage (for lack of being able to think of another word lol) fold over the edge of the fabric and not only overcast as it’s supposed to but fold under and sew over the raw edge of the fabric, catching all of the loosening threads where it was already starting to fray.

The outcome was way better and definitely more what I was looking for on my tablecloth.

This is the picture of the edge after I used the presser foot properly (or at least proper enough that I have a nice tidy edge now)…

You can definitely see a difference. I am happy with how the edging turned out when I did the second, and hopefully proper time!

I also took a video of the presser foot/machine in progress using the overcast foot/stitch to send to my mother-in-law to show her how I made it work. I will include the video after this paragraph.

That was the lesson I learned to today on my new sewing machine!


Sewing- Day # 9

I want to start by saying Thank you to for giving me the great advice on how to embroider items that don’t fit in the hoop! I finally took the time to try it yesterday!!!

I couldn’t figure out how to embroider on an oven mitt because they wouldn’t fit in the hoop. In the comments section of one of our previous posts it was suggested that I baste the oven mitt and let it “float” on the hoop. I’m not sure if I did it as described to me but it worked!!!

Here is what I did…

I centered the hoop on my piece of stabilizer and used a fabric marking pen to trace the outline.

I sewed a basting stitch just inside the marked line to hold the oven mitt to the stabilizer.

I attached the hoop to the stabilizer only, allowing the oven mitt to “float” on top of the hoop.

And then I stitched the pattern on the same way I normally would.

And then all I had to do was remove it from the hoop, remove the basting stitch and cut the threads. I finally embroidered on an oven Mitt!

Thank you again


Day # 4 – Playing with my new Sewing Machine

Yes, more sewing lol! I’d like to start by saying my Craft Room is a complete write off! 😳 Before my sewing machine arrived I had started some painting projects. While I did manage to get my fence board Home signs done, that was it. So not only do I have fabric, stabilizer and thread everywhere, I still also have the folding table Dillon bought for me set up still with my painting projects.

But… I still can’t tear myself away from the sewing machine when I go downstairs to “play” lol!

I’m sure I mentioned in an earlier post how I ordered a bunch of embroidery patterns online from a place called Designs by JuJu…. I wasn’t sure how difficult the process of getting these patterns from my laptop to the sewing machine. Dillon decided on Saturday that he would help me (I honestly think he just wanted to play too lol). Well, it was even easier than I expected!!! The process of transferring the patterns is pretty much just selecting the pattern you want, selecting the correct size for your hoop and “sending” it to what is considered a “removable drive,” which is the sewing machine. The sewing machine is hooked to the laptop via a USB cable provided with the machine.

When we opened up the PE Design software I downloaded, it was even easier because it has a send option that list includes Send to Sewing Machine.

All of that said, here is the first pattern I tried this way!


I chose the pattern I wanted, sent it to my sewing machine, lined up my threads in stitching order and started to embroider!

This is the pattern I chose, shown after stitching.

I stitched it on a square of plain white broadcloth.

When the stitching was completed I sewed the two squares of fabric right sides together, leaving an opening for turning it right side out and to stuff the pillow form in.

I clipped the corners, turned it right side out and stuffed the pillow form in and then pinned the opening closed.

I sewed it closed on my machine and ended up with a cute little display pillow with a nice Family theme!

I swear what is left functional in my brain is going a mile a minute thinking of all the possibilities of things I can make as gifts and decor!!!

Day #3 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

Is anyone getting sick of seeing the pictures I am posting of the things I am doing with my new sewing machine lol? I can take it if you are. I just can’t seem to help myself… it has become like an addiction. I swear when I get up in the morning one of my first thoughts… after lots of coffee… is what can I do on my new sewing machine today lol.

I did have to take a day away from it to get some cleaning done around here… while our house is always tidy, it still needed some vacuuming and dusting and such so I had to use all the willpower I could muster to get it done and not spend my day in the craft room “playing!”

This time I decided to play around with a canvas tote I bought as part of a set of 3 when Dillon and I were in town last week and went to Walmart.

Again I wasn’t sure I would even be able to hoop it in such a way that it could be embroidered, but I managed and it really wasn’t all that difficult!

I did an embroidered picture, played with the automatic button holer, a different font and then did some regular stitching to add some trim. I figure the more I play, the more I will learn the ins and outs of my new machine!


keep reading!

Day # 2 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

I swear I was going through withdrawal having to wait until Monday to get back to the sewing machine and play some more!

Luckily Saturday night I was well distracted playing/babysitting my beautiful little granddaughter lol!

I played around again with fonts and a different sort of project/fabric. I did a couple of little dollar store hand towels and just did another sort of monogram. I obviously still need some practice and experience to get the right tension, stabilizer and such but that will come with time. At least now I have a whole selection of colours after receiving the box of 40 colours of embroidery thread Friday. I ordered them from Amazon and they are number matched with the Brother chart which makes things much easier!

Here are the little hand towels I did. Nothing fancy but still cute and still a learning experience!

Next I decided it was time to try out one of the “built in” embroidery patterns from the sewing machine memory. Again I didn’t start slow or with a less intricate pattern lol. This is the pattern and colour chart I decided on.

While I didn’t choose an easier pattern, it honestly didn’t matter. That’s how easy it really is! Other than me not being able to see straight, making some of the things I’ve made off centre or full on crooked, all that was required from me other than changing the colour of thread was to push the start button!

I chose to try this pattern on the Sewing Machine Cover I made when completing the Craft Room!

This is the machine in action sewing the first colours…

And this is about mid way through.

This is what the pattern looks like when I removed the hoop from the machine.

I trimmed the threads and rehooped it… I figured if I was doing this much that I might as well add my name too lol!

This is how my sewing machine cover looked after adding the embroidery!!!

I am having so much fun lol! Kim asked me the other day if Chris was going to come home from work and find everything labeled lol!


Day #1 – Playing with My New Sewing Machine

Thankfully the sewing machine works pretty much how I thought it would lol. I had big expectations for the first time using it… and I wasn’t let down. Anything that didn’t turn out was due to user error/inexperience. That and the fact the embroidery thread I ordered hasn’t arrived yet so I was just using plain old Gutermann thread.

The self threading needle was awesome. I was so impressed I took a short video to show the ease of use… and even let the sound record so you can see I didn’t cuss once lol! (Sorry it’s sideways for some reason 🤨)

Instead of starting with something easy, I jumped right into the embroidery functions. I made a little heart border with the letter “S” in it and not thinking…. a tone on tone heart. After doing it I realized I should have done it in a different order. I should have started with the border and then the letter and heart. Unless you specify different, the embroidery always starts from the centre. This is how the very first thing I did turned out.

I did that on a little onesie and didn’t give any thought to actually hooping it. I hooped the front and then just pulled the rest of it up and around the hoop.

Next I thought I would try some lettering. I started with an old baby washcloth that Kim left here. It stitched it fine… but this was another example of user error/experience. With that sort of fabric I should have used a bolder font. This is how that one turned out. Legible, but barely

Next I moved on to a regular washcloth and a bolder font. Much better!

I took a video of this one as it was sewn just to show how effortless it really is… and how quickly it did it.

The last thing I did for today was work on the drawing pencil roll Dillon asked me to make. I will do a separate post for it but I decided why not add his name to it before I started to assemble it. This one turned out really well too!

I can really see myself having a whole lot of fun with this… especially once I get the proper thread!


New Sewing Machine!!!

I got a new sewing machine yesterday!!! A Brother HE300 Sewing & Embroidery Machine!!!! I am so excited I just had to share with everyone!!!

This is it… I unpacked it on the kitchen counter so that I could just look at it and make sure that Chris and Dillon oohed and aahed over it as much as I was lol!

It’s actually the first new sewing machine I’ve ever owned. Not that I’m complaining but all the other ones I’ve had have been hand-me-downs. They definitely served their purpose and got 2 kids clothed in homemade clothes from kindergarten through high school lol! I put a lot of miles of stitching on them… but it feels so awesome to have my first new one lol!

This time, while definitely not going top of the line, I chose a machine that was going to do everything I wanted and needed it to do. Need was self threading (do you know how hard a needle is to thread when you see double lol) and one step buttonholes (no more cussing when adding buttonholes to whatever I am sewing) … want was computerized, LED screen and light, embroidery, quilting, being able to connect to my laptop… you know, the fun stuff!

Having a granddaughter certainly helped me decide and I now have more images saved than I will probably ever use. It has kept me busy the last few days while waiting for the sewing machine to arrive!

Tonight (Wednesday) I will watch the instructional video….

Tomorrow will be the big day… it’s out of the box and in the craft room ready to go…. poor Chris and Dillon have both had to sit through my lengthy verbal vitriol while I extolled it’s virtues in great detail, I told them absolutely everything it can do… and I mean EVERYTHING! Tomorrow I’m jumping in with both feet/hands, acquainting myself with it and hopefully it won’t be long until I’m posting some of things I’ve embroidered!

Luckily for Chris and Dillon I have plenty of freezer meals made because it could be days before I surface again!

Wish me luck lol!