Me Vs. Yeast – Part #2

Me Vs. Yeast – Oatmeal Molasses Bread

Today I decided I wanted to make bread for dinner so I thought it would be a great time to take pictures as I go so you can see what yeast and the bread dough and such are supposed to look like!

I decided I was going to try a recipe I saw on Pinterest for Oatmeal Molasses Bread.  Here’s the link to the original post with the recipe –

This bread tastes wonderful and makes up nice and easy.

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Me Vs. Yeast

For YEARS I tried to make bread with yeast.  It didn’t matter what I did, what sort of flour, yeast or whatever I used, I could not master the art of making bread.  I did finally give up on it for many years.  Then… I/we discovered Pinterest.  The number of delicious looking bread recipes on there brought out the desire to try again.

Did it work?  Nope, not even close.  Same problems as before…it was tough, it didn’t rise, the inside was rubbery and just plain inedible.  It was awful.  I finally accepted the fact that I would never be able to make fresh bread (unless you count those frozen logs you can buy at the grocery store.)

Then one Christmas, my husband and kids surprised me with a brand new, shiny, beautiful, best appliance ever!  I was given a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  I was a bit scared.  I had seen them, but never used one.  I did the usual cookies, muffins, quick breads and stuff like that, and then something in the back of my head said, “Hey, why don’t you try making bread in that thing?”  So I did!

I FINALLY conquered yeast…yes, it was with help, but I did it.  The bread dough was beautiful and soft and for lack of a better word, doughy, not something that looked like a flour coloured rock!  It would appear that I either wasn’t kneading it properly or long enough.

The moral of this story/blog post?  Don’t give up on yeast.  You are missing the mouthwatering (and I mean drool worthy) smell of fresh bread baking in YOUR oven, the taste of your very own freshly baked bread fresh out of the oven and the adoration of your family when you actually allow them a taste of it!


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Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer