DIY French Vanilla Coffee Creamer 

DIY French Vanilla Coffee Creamer


An easy recipe that makes a great gift for coffee lovers.


1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 1/2 cups milk

1 large vanilla bean, seeds scraped and removed (optional)

2 tablespoons vanilla extract (use 3 tablespoons for an extra strong vanilla flavor)


1 In a large bowl add the sweetened condensed milk, milk, vanilla bean seeds (if using) and vanilla. Whisk until completely combined.  


2 Pour into clean glass bottles or whatever you want to store the creamer in. If using vanilla beans, you can add the emptied beans to the jars to infuse additional avor. Store creamer in the fridge for up to one week.  


3 You can decorate the bottle and give these as a gift, serve it in a mug with a dollop of whipped cream and crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal, or add a splash to your coffee!

Lollipop Bouquet via Glue Gun Control —

Isn’t that the cutest thing?  I will have to make one of these for the next birthday that comes up!



After my last post, I decided to do something “fun” and stop feeling so deflated. I had been kicking around some “fun” ideas and landed on one that required a trip to the craft store. I wanted to make something for the kids at work. As a family doctor I see my fair share of […]

via Glue Gun Control —

Clay Wool Bowl – Attempt #1


I have been seeing Clay bowls to hold our wool while you are knitting or crocheting everywhere lately.  I, of course, decided it was time for me to try it. I have become fairly competent when it comes to playing with polymer clay (I’ll have to do that in a post too one day and add the pictures of the stuff I’ve made so far), and had a lot of “scraps” of it in my Clay bin.  Lightbulb going off in my head (yes, it does happen on occasion) telling me that would be the perfect opportunity to test out one of these bowls!

Below is my first attempt at making one of these bowls.  While it didn’t turn out perfect like all the other ones I have seen, it is useable and gave me some knowledge to use when I try my next one!


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