Garden Update

I spent this past weekend making a big pot of soup, a bunch of quiche and some homemade bread to take to my grandmother who is under the weather…

This meant I didn’t have anything ready to post. So… since I got a nice “mini” harvest from my garden yesterda I thought I would share a picture.

Surprisingly enough, I am still getting veggies from my garden! Mother Nature must realize feel sorry for me this year lol!

And here it is…. drum roll please… my little harvest!


Garden Update

I finally have a Green Thumb this year lol… although it’s only green from tying up some more of the cucumber vines to the trellis… but was still green until I washed my hands!!!

One of my “Stalkers/Visitors” was here the other morning. I think she needs some better camouflage if she wants to blend in lol! I love having the cows and horses come to visit!

I think Mother Nature must have taken pity on me and made my garden bloom for all it’s worth this year! I can’t believe the success I have had with most of my plants this year! I swear that my tomato plants are well over 6 feet tall! There are a ton of tomatoes on them but I think that I have to go in and cut out the excess leaves that seem to be blocking the actual tomatoes from getting enough sun to ripen. That is on my To Do list for one day this week. Check out the size of them!

This is my third “haul” of cucumbers this year and my first little green pepper. I have so many cucumbers right now that I actually took some down for Kim (and family) when I went down for Grandma duty!

Needless to say, Chris and Dillon have been eating a lot of cucumber salad, sliced cucumber with dinner, etc.!


Gardening Update/Awesome Picture

Let me start by saying holy crapadoodle again lol! And that I give the weather full credit so far for how well my little vegetable garden is doing! I gave it one dose of fertilizer but I don’t dare do that again because I think the plants are already going to outgrow my little garden.

I am going to lead with my self-proclaimed “Awesome Picture.” It was pure luck and involved cooperation with a dragonfly. I love dragonflies… I collect them and even have one tattooed on one of my shoulders… so to have one cooperate long enough for me to snap a really good picture with my cell was a bonus. On a side note, I can remember growing up and being at the cottage summers and playing with dragonflies, frogs and the like. I swear we spent all day outside, either in the water, at the base of the “mountain,” (basically a big rock outcrop that we called a mountain) playing with the frogs in one of the cracks or just swimming…. from April to Thanksgiving. I still love the water and would choose swimming in the lake over a pool any day!

My Picture…..

I so enjoy seeing how everything is growing, and knowing that what is just plants right now will be vegetables I can feed my family, straight from the garden. We have already had a huge batch of lettuce come in. So much lettuce in fact that we are continuously eating salads AND I have sent some to work with Chris to share with his coworkers/kids from school (I call them the kids at school because that’s exactly how they act most of the time lol)!

Monday’s Harvest

My cucumbers have almost completely filled in the Hula Hoop Trellis I made for them. I have been tying the vines to the hoops since they first starting growing and I am amazed by how much they have covered it. I am starting to think I should have made an arbour instead lol!

My tomato plants are huge and are covered with flowers AND the start of little tomatoes.

Even my pepper plants have flowers, getting ready to form into green peppers.

My celery has taken off big time….

And finally… my broccoli is showing the start of actual broccoli lol. We love broccoli and can’t wait to eat it straight from the garden.

My cauliflower is doing well too but I didn’t notice anything other than leaves yet.

So, all in all, I think my garden is doing really well…. thank you Mother Nature lol!


Garden/Trellis Update

With the humidity we have been having and actually remembering to water my garden lol…. everything has taken right off! I swear my tomato plants are now growing a foot a week the last two weeks and even have flowers on them. You can see how everything has just gone a bit crazy!

The cucumbers are starting to “vine” for lack of a better word so I thought it was time to start tying them to the Hula Hoop Trellis I made a while back. While they are only about a foot long at this point I still wanted to start training them to climb the trellis!

We have even been able to start making salads using the two kinds of Boston lettuce I planted!

If I can keep it up, it won’t be long until we are eating even more vegetables from the garden!!!


Butterfly Waterer/Garden Update

My little vegetable garden is still alive… and even thriving! I can’t take much of the credit though, we’ve had a lot of rain the past few weeks. Still… it’s going well!

While I am still waiting to see if the Pop Bottle Mosquito Trap is working, I made a butterfly waterer with things I already had laying around the house! I hope they use it!

I had a couple of plant saucers, about 1 inches across, big glass beads, some river rocks, a sponge and some artificial flower leaves.

I figured that since it was going to have water in it I would use Gorilla glue to attach the leaves and sponge.

I took a black sharpie and marked where I thought the sponge should go and started to glue the leaves to the inside, placed on the edge of where I marked for the sponge.

I glued the sponge in place then scattered the river rocks and glass beads around it in the saucer.

I made some butterfly nectar, using a 10 – 1 ratio of water to sugar and then poured it into the saucer.

And now I have a couple of nice Butterfly Waterers around the yard that hopefully the butterflies will enjoy!


Garden Update


I just had to share my giant zucchini!!!  (I took a picture of them beside some bananas to give a size gauge!)

Chris came in the house the other day and said he had just seen the biggest zucchini he had ever seen.  I figured someone at work had brought one in or something, I certainly didn’t expect that he saw it in MY garden lol.  I went outside to check and sure enough, there was a rather large zucchini in my garden…. not only that…. there were two of them!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  They really were big.

I brought them inside and “displayed” them on my kitchen table lol.  I was very proud of the fact that I actually grew them.  Then it came time to decide what I was going to do with them now that I grew them lol. They would sure make a lot of zucchini bread but I decided that this weekend I am going to make some zucchini relish with them for our Christmas preserves baskets!!!  I will post the recipe once I have made it…. but for now I will leave you in awe of my (fluke) gardening skills!

And here are my zucchini with some of the tomatoes I have been picking from my tomato plants!




Garden Update

I can’t remember what number “Garden Update” I am on but I really wanted to share the mini bounty I picked from the garden yesterday morning along with a progress report on some of the other things I’m growing!

This is what was ready to be picked! Some little red potatoes, cherry tomatoes and some beets. The beets I might “pickle” for later!

Last week I trimmed back most of the excess leaves on the big tomato plants in the hopes all the tomatoes will ripen faster. It seems to be helping. I was so worried I was doing it wrong and I was just going to kill the plant!

I have my first baby green pepper! It’s about 2 inches across and growing.

And here are my watermelons. I was very specific about calling them watermelons… according to Dillon I can’t keep asking people to come check out my melons lol 😳

I only have 4 of them so far but considering they were just an experiment I am quite impressed with myself lol!

As you can see, black thumb notwithstanding, I am actually managing to grow some veggies for my family and I to eat!

I have already started planning my “Garden Expansion” for next year 😮


Gardening Update

I have PEAS and ZUCCHINI starting lol!!!  I was out watering the other day and had a good look at what was going on in the little veggie gardens I started and low and behold…. I had a few pea pods starting and 5 or 6 zucchini!  I was so impressed I had to take pictures to share with you lol!



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Garden Update

First let me start by saying thank you to all of you who follow my gardening attempt/exploits lol!  For those of you that find it boring, I apologize.  This is the first  year I have been able to grow anything so I am having a great time sharing what I have managed to grow with all of you!



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Gardening Update 

Well, here it is.  Another garden update! 

Things are definitely growing very well.  I have already picked 2 cucumbers and they are already gone,  already eaten lol.

There is another beautiful yellow rose. 

Leroy decided he was going to pose for a picture while I was taking pictures of the gardens so I decided to let him have a few seconds of fame. 

I have my first almost ripe tomato too! Can’t wait to slice and eat that baby.  It will at least make a little toasted tomato sandwich! 

The rest of the tomatoes are going crazy too.  Once they start to ripen we will probably have more than we can possibly eat.  Good thing is that I have a good marinara sauce recipe if needed!

Here are pictures of how well the rest are doing. 

And now it’s cucumber time. As I mentioned above, we have already eaten 2 cucumbers and as you can see there are another 2 almost ready to go as well as a curly cue cucumber growing. 

I don’t want to leave out the little pepper plant.  It was a big contributor to my hot pepper jelly! 

And to give credit where credit is due,  I’m not the only one having a good garden year.  Yesterday my mother and father -in-law sent us some of their bounty!  I made a nice cucumber salad with some of it!

That is my garden update for now.