Egg-cellent Chicks and Bunnies

The Easter crafting continues and today’s craft is eggs painted and decorated to look like chicks and bunnies. It’s a simple craft, great for children or adults, and something you can have fun customizing.

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Sausage & Egg Taco Breakfast Bowls

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what the reception would be from Chris and Dillon when I decided to try making these.  They are really big on what Chris calls “Big Breakfast” on the weekends.  I decided to try it anyway…. and they liked it enough that having made them for Saturday morning, Chris asked if I was going to warm up the rest of them for Sunday breakfast lol!



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Saturday’s Breakfast – Eggs in a Cheesy Nest

This morning I made something different for the “boys” for breakfast this again.  They of course loved it….with these two, I swear that I could put ripped up paper bags on their plates and they would still eat it lol!  They like their food and they are loving this whole trying new recipes for the blog thing!

AND, this recipe is easy enough DADS for you to help the kids make for Mom today!


Again this is a very simple breakfast recipe… thankfully…  I am not a morning person and certainly not a just wake up and want to make a full breakfast.  Now, I do make them full on peameal, hash browns, eggs and toast a lot of the time but it is definitely not every weekend.  Even if I was a morning person, the cocktail of medications the doctors have me on are not conducive to alertness in the morning (or any other time of the day if you were to ask Dillon!)

Anyway, here is the Saturday breakfast recipe/steps!


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Healthy Breakfast Scramble

I had something like this when Chris and I went to a little diner for breakfast during his Christmas holidays.  It was REALLY good.  It is hard to find breakfast options at most restaurants, especially diners, that are meatless.  I saw this on the menu I decided it was worth a try, and it was well worth it.

This morning I was hurting from my attempt at gardening yesterday so breakfast this morning had to be easy, or they were having Raisin Bran lol.

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Tomato & Green Onion Quiche


Today I had a hankering for quiche.  Because of my current “health predicament” I am supposed to be loading up on proteins.  A difficult task when you don’t eat any meat, so eggs definitely fill that requirement.  Add to that the fact that I LOVE quiche, it’s a match made in heaven.

My favourite is Broccoli & Cheese Quiche but I forgot to buy broccoli so I opted for tomatoes, green onions and cheese.  It was delicious!

While I know quiche is very quick and easy to prepare, I will still walk you through how I made it!


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Easter Crafts # 3

String Eggs

Let me start by saying Crap-a–doodle!  I thought these would be a walk in the park.  I have seen them all over Pinterest and thought, what a cool thing to try!

I don’t know how everyone else did it but I can guarantee that mine did not turn out like those ones!  And, as if the outcome wasn’t bad enough…. I was a big sparkly (because I thought it would be really FUN to add sparkles to the glue and water), sticky mess! Oh, I almost forgot….as if my Great Idea to add sparkles to the glue wasn’t enough, I had what I thought was a “brilliant” idea about putting those little Flameless tea light candles in the eggs for some added pizzazz.!  Well, it took two of us to get the *#$^$* tea light candles into the balloons….my son holding the balloon opening wide enough for me to crush his fingers and get the candles in there!

I don’t know if my glue to water ratio was wrong or if it was because I added sparkles, all I know is that mine did NOT turn out anything like the ones on Pinterest!

I will walk you through what I did and how I did it and maybe you will have more luck than I did.  I even had my son videotape a really small “Tip” that I thought would help anyone else trying it (I would  include this tip, but I can’t upload videos to this site yet), but it sure didn’t help me!

If you have better luck than I do, please let me in on the secret!!!!  You will see how I had to improvise with the results of my attempts in the pictures.


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Raisin Bread French Toast

Nothing says Easter Breakfast more to me then French Toast and Hot Cross Buns.  I actually made Hot Cross Buns for the first time ever from scratch this year from a recipe I saw on Pinterest.  (I am going to post my step by step on that in my next post!)

For now, here is my not so secret Raisin Bread French Toast!  It is so good that my son doesn’t even put any syrup on it!


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