Recycled Plastic Bottle Vase

Dillon keeps buying Watermelon juice in plastic bottles. Personally I think it sounds kind of nasty lol, but he likes it.

One day I was putting one of the bottles in the recycling and thought it was a sort of cool shape. I decided I was going to do something with it!

I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do… then I decided on a vase. I asked Chris to cut the top off for me and then got to work on it!


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First Birthday – Dollar Store Centerpieces!

We had my granddaughter’s FIRST Birthday party on Saturday. It was a great day spent with family and friends with lots to eat and just enjoy each others company.

My granddaughter had a rough night Friday cutting teeth so she was very tired for her party and required a nap to recharge her little batteries part way through lol. I made her a cute little Smash Cake (post to follow this week) but it was just too much for her tired little mind to take and other than sticking her hands in it… and then wiping them all over Kim’s black shirt (I’m sure you can imagine the mess light pink Greek yogurt “icing” would make on it lol), she was not impressed with it. We got a few cute pictures of her with it to add to her photo memories so everything was fine.

These centerpieces were made with Styrofoam balls, ribbon and tissue paper from the dollar store. Other than waiting for paint to dry, they were pretty fast and easy to make!


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Pom Pompom Pumpkins 

I decided to do one more Halloween/Pumpkin craft this week. Pom Pompom Pumpkins. 

This is another very easy, kid friendly craft. All that’s required is some Orange wool, a piece of cardboard, green pipe cleaner and scissors. 

I made a quick pompom maker from the cardboard. 

I wrapped the wool around and around until it looked fat enough. 

I wrapped another piece of wool around the wrapped wool, in the slot in the cardboard, added a piece of pipe cleaner and tied it tight.

Next I removed it from the cardboard and cut through the loops on each side.

I gave it a good shake and started to trim them.

Curled the ends of the pipe cleaner and tied a knot in the long piece of wool for hanging, and that’s it! Pompom Pompom Pumpkins!


Picture Frame Lantern 

I have been wanting to try this project for quite a while but haven’t gotten around to it until now. 


This project requires 4 picture frames and a top and bottom.  I again had Dillon cut the top and bottom pieces for me out of a wooden fence board that was laying around. 

I removed the glass and back of the frame and then painted all the frames.  I also base painted the top and bottom the same colour. 

I waited, and waited, my least favorite thing, for the paint to dry. 

Once it finally dried I hot glued the 4 picture frames together to form a box.  A box without a top or bottom but still a box.

Next I hot glued the bottom to the “frame box,” and the little handle Dillon cut me out of a piece of 1 x 1.
I wrapped some elastics around the box to hold everything in place while I ran a bead of glue over all the seams.

When the glue was well set, I painted over the glued seams so they matched.  When that was dry, I applied a coat of sealer and let that dry. 

Now all I needed to do was put the glass back in the frames and fill the lantern!

Mickey Mouse Cake Stand

I decided it would be fun to make a Disney fan on my Christmas list a Mickey Mouse Cake Stand. I figured I just needed a bowl, a plate and some buttons.  That and patience lol. I couldn’t find a black plate and red bowl at the dollar store so I bought white ones and painted them!


Here is what I started with 

Because they are shiny, I used a sanding sponge to rough them up a bit to help the paint adhere better. 

I started painting them.

I didn’t have yellow buttons so I had to paint them as well. 

Once dry I applied a few coats of sealer. 

I used a construction adhesive to attach the plate to the bottom of the bowl.
Glued on the painted/sealed buttons. 

And this is my completed Mickey Mouse Cake Stand! Another gift off my to do list all done!

Dollar Store “To Do” List Frame 

I had planned, and started a post, with the intention to spend yesterday and today at my sewing machine to work on a little package/matching set gift I am making for a few people.  Then I got sick and in a lot of pain yesterday which has now spread into today. 

I didn’t want to not have anything to post so I decided on this quick and easy project that I think would make a great add on item for a gift, or even a great craft sale item!


This project only requires a dollar store picture frame, paint, some ribbon, background paper and a dry erase marker!

I removed the glass and back of the frame, roughed the plastic up a bit with a sanding sponge and then painted the frame.

Once painted, I gave it a quick coat of sealer. 

Then using my hot glue gun, applied a nice bow with the ribbon and attached the dry erase marker. 

And that’s it. A cute To Do List Frame that you can personalize with frame colour and even the background paper to suit any recipients!

Repurposed Ceiling Fan Blades 

When we replaced our ceiling fan blades last year or the year before, I decided to keep the actual blades for a possible craft project.

Last Christmas that project presented itself!

I decided to make some ceiling fan blade chalkboards for everyone.

Well, it didn’t happen last year.  I got the decorative parts done no problem.  The problem was the chalkboard paint.  We tried a spray version of it. It seemed to go on just fine but when it dried, it bubbled in places.

It was so close to Christmas and as usual I had way too many projects on the go, that we just left them.

I had completely forgotten about them until this past weekend when I happened to go to the storage unit with Chris.  There they were, sitting on a workbench.

I decided to bring them home, sand them and try repainting them with a brush on chalkboard paint I already had.

Here is a picture of them part way through my attempt at saving them.

And this is them after I redid the chalkboard paint.


Once they were fully dried, I tied some twine on for hanging and another piece to hold a piece of chalk!

Finally I can gift them!


Homemade PVC Pipe Yarn Holder

I saw a yarn holder made from PVC pipe on Pinterest a while back and really wanted to make myself one.

I bought the pipe and the ends and all the caps and unions so I could do it.  The materials cost less than  $10!
Chris said he would cut it all for me, thank you Chris.  He got it all cut and started to explain to me what I should use to make sure all the unions were adhered properly. 

I must have looked dumbfounded because he offered, and did assemble and glue it all together. Wasn’t that awesome? I think he just used plumbers glue.

All that’s left for me to do is paint it! That caused me to receive another look when I told him I’m going to paint it the same pink as the tool box project I’m working on lol! I still don’t understand why he was all that surprised!

So I took it out in the middle of the backyard  (the only place I’m allowed to spray paint any more lol) and proceeded to paint it pink!

Now I have a very handy yarn holder for my next knitting or crocheting project!


Another Faux Stained Glass Project

This is another, easy to make Stained Glass Project.  I did a project last week with a different faux stained glass method here Faux Stained Glass.

This time I tried a different method.  I do still want to revisit the other method and make myself a little dragonfly stained glass picture, but for today I am making this one.


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Faux Stained Glass Lotus Flower


This is the first of the crafts I mentioned in my Preview post!  I bought some stained glass paint yesterday at the BIG dollar store in town when Chris, my mother-in-law and I went on a nice shopping/lunch day!  We had a nice time and both she and I got some great craft items!

I plan on also doing a stained glass picture with a dragonfly on it for myself but for now I am doing one of a Lotus Flower for another Christmas Gift!


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