Earth Day Project #2


As the title says lol, here is my 2nd Earth Day project.  This time I made “Earth Day Cookies” that I found here

It said quick and easy so I was game considering my time restraints, and they turned out really well, albeit a little too brown around the edges because I forgot I was doing laundry and in turn, also forgot to set the timer on the oven when I was downstairs folding laundry (embarrassed face)!

These are really cute, a great project to do with the kids, and even though I used the “fake cookies” method as I call it on those rare occasions when I don’t make them from scratch, they are very tasty!

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Earth Day Project #1

Kim and I had been discussing doing some sort of posts for Earth Day.  I looked online and found a bunch of projects I thought would be a good idea.

Today (Friday) it crossed my mind, finally, to actually double check the date of Earth Day and low and behold, it was tomorrow (today). Apparently I am living in quite the bubble right now! I had a holy crap-a-doodle moment and figured I had better get my behind in gear if I wanted to post anything!!!

This is the first of the 2 Earth Day projects I thought to tackle, last minute of course! This project is for Recycled Homemade Fire Starters.

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