Repurposed Coffee Can – Chicken Coffee Canister

I’m starting to think this week should have been designated a “repurposing” week instead of Mason Jar Crafts Week since I have only finished one Mason Jar craft so far this week!

I have two of those on the go, so stay tuned.  For now….

I have been accumulating coffee cans for us to repurpose in the craft room to hold all the crap/craft supplies we have.

While I was sitting around waiting for a service technician to fix my internet yesterday, I thought I would get to work on a coffee can I had base painted to replace the one I keep our coffee in now.  The paint on that one is starting to peel so it’s time for a new one!




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Bath Bombs  – Part #1

And since it went fairly well, there will be a Part #2 lol.

I was really concerned when I started these.  I have read many horror stories about them disintegrating, not sticking together,  sticking to everything they aren’t supposed to and more! I will admit, I did have the sticking to everything problem… well, at least sticking to the molds!


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May the 4th – Episode #2

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”  ,,,,, Yoda, Attack of the Clones

Do you like my “Episode” reference lol?  The space geek in me just can’t help it!  Do you have a favourite Star Wars Episode?

Apparently being such a space geek is hereditary.  Kim (and hubby) are both space and comic book nerds and Dillon is a semi nerd.  In his infinite wisdom one day, he admitted to me that he heard something on the radio one morning, a call in show, asking people to call in with their best Wookie impersonation.  He proceeded to tell me about how he had been practicing lol.  Not to call in, but just to see if he could do it!  I of course spread the story through out the family… again.  He has a habit of telling me embarrassing things he probably shouldn’t considering my sense of humour!!! Poor guy lol!

Ok, back to May the 4th…. today’s Episode will be making Pool Noodle Light Sabers!  Another very easy, kid friendly, Star Wars craft.  I am sure the kids would enjoy “battling” with these in nice weather…and in saying kids, I am not designating an age group!


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May the 4th – Episode #1

“Difficult to see.  Always in Motion is the future.”        … Yoda


I know, it’s pretty cheesy, but there are a lot of us self-proclaimed “Space Geeks” out there, and some of those Geeks will celebrate this occasion, especially this year with it being the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars!

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Painting – Decorative Painting – Kim

I learned to paint a long time ago… well, I was given a few lessons from a friend who was a great decorative painter in exchange for dying her hair lol.  Her grandmother had just passed away and that was usually their thing, so I would have done it painting lessons or not.  I am so glad I didn’t pass on the lessons though.  It has opened my eyes to a whole other creative outlet.

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Mason Jar Vase

I have seen a lot of these vases on Pinterest and decided it was time to try my hand at it.

I think they would not only make great Wedding centerpieces but also a great Mother’s Day or Birthday gift for someone special! Or you could just make it for yourself!

I think when this one is done it will end up as “Décor” in the Craft Room!!!



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Cupcake Pedestals


I have seen similar items on Pinterest before but they were dinner plate size.  When I was looking through my catalogue I found these small (6″) wooden discs that were under $2.00 and little 4″ wooden candle holders for under $3.00, which prompted me to think hmm, I wonder how they would look for cupcakes!  That is where this next craft idea/Mother’s Day gift idea came to me!

I absolutely love how they turned out and now I am thinking of making them again, but with “Cat Cupcake” faces on top!  Stay tuned lol!



Here are the wooden pieces I purchased, all nice and neat on the counter before I start the giant mess I call creativity lol!




The first thing I did was to base paint them.  I decided to go with Silver because I could add whatever colours I wanted to it to make it stand out. (Just a tip –  I always paint with a garbage bag over my surface.  It guarantees I don’t get paint all over everything I don’t want paint on….and I end up with the most colourful garbage bags in town lol!)




The next step was for me to use a mug as a template to draw the circle I wanted highlighted on the top of the pedestal and then to use tracing paper to trace the cupcake clipart design I found that I thought would look great on these!



Now comes the fun part!  Painting your design!  I tried these paint bottles this time which had a pointy end.  They are supposed to make outlining and such easier.  Maybe it was just me, but I had no luck with them whatsoever.  It made my lines too thick I think.  The pink on the cupcakes doesn’t look too bad but the black circles are just too think for my liking, but I didn’t want to start over so I worked around it.  That is what prompted me to try the leopard print on the one!




I then painted the candle holders to match the tops of the pedestals.




Now all I had to do was wait for them to dry (I hate waiting!) and then seal them up.  Once they were sealed I attached the circles to the candle holders with 5 minute epoxy and I had some cute little Cupcake Pedestals!



Aren’t they the cutest things!  Next of course I had to actually put a cupcake on them and take some more pictures!