Dyeing Wool – Part #2

I did it again! I couldn’t stay away from trying some more lol!  This time I was trying to achieve a sort of tie dye look to my wool. Not sure that’s what I achieved but I still like it.

I didn’t bother taking pictures of the process because it is exactly the same as the last time, other than the colours of the dye being different. I used 100% Lambs Wool this time.

I started with black and a copper colour and somehow ended up with blues and purples and depending on how you look at it, a bit of pink and of course, a rusty copper colour? No matter what colours I started out with, I am still happy with the results and I am trying to think of what I should make with this one even though I still haven’t finished the slouchy beanie I started with the other one…. I have been up to my eyeballs in clay pots lol!

This is what my newest batch of wool turned out like!


You can see all the different colours I ended up with even with just using black and copper colouring.  Such a variety of colours in it considering!

You can also see in the picture the yarn winder I used.  I bought this at Amazon.ca and it worked awesome.  I will admit that I made Dillon help me lol, doing it by yourself makes it a little difficult to control getting knots but I am sure it can be done.  It sure went a lot faster than when I wound it back around the chair legs and it will make it less apt to knot when I am actually making something with it!

I will update this post once I make whatever it is I am making with this and I will add the link for the yarn winder.  If you dye your own wool, this is a definite must!




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Dyeing Wool – Part #2

First, let me start by saying thank you to all of you who were so quick to pass out the compliments on my first attempt at dyeing wool, as well as a special shout out to https://craftysurf.com/ for the suggestion to try Kool-Aid on one of my future attempts.

Secondly, let me say that my excitement over the success of my first attempt has been rather humorous to Chris, although he did say if it makes me this happy to keep it up! So, I will, but first an update on the wool dyeing progress and after project!


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