WIP, well, One of Many – IT’S DONE


It’s Done! Another Christmas gift off the To Do list! I finished it last night! 

I don’t actually have anything finished to post today so I thought I would share a scarf I am working on for a Christmas present.

I bought this really cool, very thick yarn from the Michael’s store when Kim and I went on our day excursion. It was fairly inexpensive but the colours and the texture were enough that I decided to buy it.  The colours are very vibrant and it is so thick that it will make someone a very warm scarf and a great gift!

This is the yarn!


And this is what I have done so far.  I picked up the wool and my crochet hook last night and managed to work through one ball!  Another good thing about working with such a thick yarn is that it works up quickly!  I should have this scarf done by the end of the week and I will update this post when I finish it!

I am just working a double crochet, chain one, skip a stitch, double crochet pattern over 15 stitches because I figured a fancy pattern wouldn’t really show up with the yarn being so thick.  I can dress it up at the end with some fringe!


I also bought this funky yarn, at the dollar store of all places, that I am also planning on crocheting into scarves for gifts.  Hopefully it isn’t a pain in the you know what to work with lol!!!



Crocheted Baby Neck Tie

This week we are going to be posting Quick and Easy Crochet patterns we have found or created.

Today I am posting a Baby Neck Tie Pattern.  I made two of them and it took me less than 2 1/2 hours from start to finish, including time outs to reply to texts and emails lol!

This is a very simple pattern, worked in half double crochet stitch.  I originally tried doing it in single crochet but it looked too holey for my liking so I reverted to the HDC. I just made them in a worsted weight yarn and a size 5 crochet hook, one in black for formal occasions and the other in a bright green for not so formal occasions lol! Finished the tie itself is about 9″ long. 

Just a note, while I was crocheting this I was listening to my 8 lb. cat Lulu snoring like a drunk lumberjack…. really, she is that bad lol… and my mind started to wander to the possibility of making even smaller versions of these for cats… and maybe dogs too.  I will update with pictures if I actually follow through on this!


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Clay Wool Bowl – Attempt #1


I have been seeing Clay bowls to hold our wool while you are knitting or crocheting everywhere lately.  I, of course, decided it was time for me to try it. I have become fairly competent when it comes to playing with polymer clay (I’ll have to do that in a post too one day and add the pictures of the stuff I’ve made so far), and had a lot of “scraps” of it in my Clay bin.  Lightbulb going off in my head (yes, it does happen on occasion) telling me that would be the perfect opportunity to test out one of these bowls!

Below is my first attempt at making one of these bowls.  While it didn’t turn out perfect like all the other ones I have seen, it is useable and gave me some knowledge to use when I try my next one!


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