Happy Valentine’s Day- Cricut Card

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I thought I would pop on quickly to extend that greeting and share the card I made (by pushing a few buttons on my laptop and cricut 🏆) for Chris for Valentine’s Day!

Still recovering but will also still try to pop on when I can manage!

I miss the comment conversations I have with everyone ❤


Cricut Project- Nerd Baby Bibs

I’m not sure if I’ve said anything yet, but amid all the unpleasant things happening there has been some very good news. I am going to be a grandmother again… to a baby boy! So… when I was looking for a project the other day to try to occupy my mind for a little while I thought why not make something for the baby.

Since my grandson is going to be brought up “nerd,” that seemed a good place to start. I started searching different clipart images until I found something that looked easy enough for me to turn into svg cut files. I decided on images from everyone’s favourite wizard book and movie series… Harry Potter.

I chose the images I wanted, cleaned them up in Design Space, cut them out of Heat Transfer Vinyl and then ironed them onto some plain white bibs I already had.

Now I have some cute little Nerd bibs ready for my grandson when he’s born!


Christmas Craft Sale- Cricut Gift Tags/Note Cards

Yes… another craft sale post… sorry lol 😳. Considering that’s all I’ve been doing lately since redecorating.

This is a quick project, something I’ve been “feeding” through my Cricut while I’ve been “weeding” the vinyl I’ve been cutting.

I love how well the Cricut cuts everything. From vinyl to cardstock to leather and everything else, the Cricut has opened a lot of new doors to my crafting.

These “cat themed” tags and note cards are both projects I found in Design Space and just resized to what I wanted. A quick and easy project. All I need to do is add some cording to the gift tags and envelopes to the note cards and they are ready to go!

Here they are!


Quick Cricut Project – Potato/Onion Bin Label

I figured that since I’ve redone just about everything else, I might as well do the same to my potato/onion bin.

I painted it with a light gray chalk paint to start.

While it was drying I went into the Cricut Design Space and chose the font I wanted. I was even able to find some potato and onion clipart type images and a few “swirls” I thought would finish it off.

When the paint was fully dried I attached the vinyl design I had cut.

Now I have a revamped Potato/Onion Bin!


Bad Blogger Award lol – Cricut Practice Project

I think if there is such a thing, I should get it right now. I have been busy… and blah.. and haven’t had much ambition. But… I did manage to start a couple of Cricut projects. This project was more of a practice piece.

There is a picture that Chris’ uncle drew before he passed away and I’m practicing so I can make a decal of it for Chris. That means learning to remove the background of an image that isn’t already an SVG file.

Design Space is great for doing that sort of thing. It offers an Erase tool where you can adjust the size of the “Eraser,” and a Magic Wand tool that allows you to completely remove big sections of background.

I chose a fairly detailed image I found online to practice on and made Chris a mug.

I won’t lie, it took a while but didn’t turn out too bad considering, except that I ended up putting it on a bit crooked lol. It was a good practice piece.

This is the image I used…

And this is how the mug ended up looking like. Not terrible, right lol?

Oh…. and I got a cute little cart from Wayfair that Dillon assembled for me yesterday! Hopefully it will help me keep my craft room a little tidier than it has been 😳


Family Sign – Recycled Dollar Store Picture

I found we were running out of wall space to display family pictures, so I decided to use the space around the door as a sort of Family Picture Gallery. I was only able to use mostly 5 x 7 pictures but it still worked out into a cute little gallery in a space that is not generally used for much.

At the top centre position you can see the dollar store sigh with the word “Love” on it. That is the picture I decided to redo rather than just buying another surface.

To start, I gave it a good cleaning, then I taped off the frame before I painted over the glass with black chalkboard paint.

In between coats, and while it was drying I picked another font from my Design Space program and just used the word “Family” to make a vinyl sticker to add to the sign.

Once I had enough coats of the chalkboard paint on the picture, I let it completely dry before applying the vinyl.

Here it is, back in the little Family Picture gallery!


Dragonfly Wall Art – Cricut

While looking at all my options in Cricut Design Space, I came across some really cute dragonfly cut files. This prompted me to think about what I could put one on.

I decided to go with a dollar store picture frame, a piece of card stock, the dragonfly cut file, some water colour paint and the word “Believe” cut in one of the Design Space fonts.

While it isn’t gallery worthy it still makes a cute addition to a blank wall!

The first thing I did was to design/assemble the “pattern” I wanted for my picture in Design Space.

I chose the colours I wanted to use and then cut the pattern out.

I stuck the vinyl to the outside of the glass in the picture frame and put some card stock in the picture portion of the frame.

I used a pink card stock and it just seemed rather bland when I put everything together. I decided to use some water colour paint to give it a little bit more colour.

And that’s it…. a quick and colourful addition to my walls!


Teapot Sewing Kit with Cricut Decoration

As much as I hate to say it…. I have started on Christmas lol! As usual I can’t believe how quickly it is approaching. If I want to make 90% of the gifts we give AND make enough stuff for at least one craft sale, I need to get my butt in gear!

This is an old teapot I had that I decided to recycle into a Christmas gift. The receiver loves Tea and definitely needs to have a few basic sewing items on hand in case of a sewing emergency…. so I thought why not combine the two… and give myself the chance to try another Cricut “skill” at the same time. This time I was trying layering a vinyl design instead of just cutting one colour. I have used multiple colours on other projects but they were stand alone sections!

The first thing I did was to give the teapot a good wash so I knew the vinyl would stay.

I found the cute teapot cut file on the Design Space app. There wasn’t a whole lot of layering but it still gave me a chance to try it.

Here is the design, cut, weeded and layered, ready to stick to the teapot.

I had a bit of an issue because of the curvy shape of the teapot but I just ended up cutting the transfer tape in such a way I was able to get it on with minimal wrinkles. Note: I think I need to find a tutorial for attaching the vinyl to curved surfaces!

I got the vinyl adhered to the teapot and then started on the pin cushion on the underside of the teapot lid.

I placed the lid on a fat quarter I had that was similar in colour to the design and drew a circle around it, about 1 – 2 inches bigger than the lid.

I did a row of hand gathering stitch all the way around the circle, about a half inch in, giving it a sort of bowl shape.

I put a small amount of stuffing inside the “bowl,” and tightened up the gather stitch until it was just about closed off.

I used my dreaded glue gun to attach the little pin cushion to the underside/inside of the lid and my pin cushion was done!

I put the lid back on and now I just have to fill it with some basic sewing supplies (and get a nicer bow) and I have my first Christmas gift ready to store until the big day!


Learning New Cricut Skills

I swear I have seen so many of the split letter monograms and signs on Pinterest that I had to try it! It means I learned a new skill/technique on my Cricut and in the Design Space program.

I found a great tutorial here: https://www.howtoheatpress.com/split-letter-monogram-tutorial/?epik=dj0yJnU9cGRuV1Q2ZVJmWXVvWUhXazRvalJqWW1EdUdGdWhtZWwmbj1FejBrMFcwS3VzZjNaVk5LZHlDTDlRJm09MyZ0PUFBQUFBRjFsRnhB and it worked out great for me. I learned what it meant to “Weld” and to “Slice” in Design space!!!!

Here is a screenshot of Design Space with my project once I finished “designing” it! I know it might look sort of complicated but once you have been through one of the processes a few times, it doesn’t seem quick so daunting!

And this is the “design” cut and attached to the little dollar store sign I base painted last week!

I am having a great time “Playing” and of course learning as I go with my Cricut. Every new trick or technique I learn opens up so many doors to new projects!