Bunny Treat Bags


I saw the cutest little Bunny “Bottom” Bags on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to do my “take” on the craft.  You can find the original post here – http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.stfi.re/easter-bunny-gift-bags-with-free-printable-tags?sf=eopdrje#_a5y_p=5185066


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Easter Crafts – Repost

I have to admit that I haven’t made any Easter Crafts since my two were little, so we are talking a good 15 years or so (and yes, that was very difficult to admit to!). But in the interest of our new blog I decided to do a few, especially after looking at all the pretty ones on Pinterest.  One of the crafts I started I am not sure is going to be post-able as a win though.  I will see tomorrow.

Either way, here is the first of 2 Easter crafts I made today (that turned out).  It is a Bunny Scrapbook Paper Silhouette.

I found everything I needed to make it at the Dollar Store (my favourite store!) and this is a Kid Friendly craft!


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Clay Pot Bunny Vase

I thought that with Easter fast approaching, the coming week would be a good time to repost some of the Easter projects we have done in the past! We hope you enjoy some of these projects!!!

It’s time for my first post!

I received flowers as a thank you gift at work on Friday and thought it would be fun to create a cute Easter-themed vase to hold them. I was able to find all of my supplies for the vase at the dollar store, with the exception of a few items I already had at home (likely purchased from the dollar store in a previous visit).

I looked online and in magazine for inspiration for my Easter-themed vase and combined a number of ideas to create my clay pot bunny centerpiece. This project was extremely simple and would be a great craft for individuals with children also!

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May the 4th – Episode #2

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”  ,,,,, Yoda, Attack of the Clones

Do you like my “Episode” reference lol?  The space geek in me just can’t help it!  Do you have a favourite Star Wars Episode?

Apparently being such a space geek is hereditary.  Kim (and hubby) are both space and comic book nerds and Dillon is a semi nerd.  In his infinite wisdom one day, he admitted to me that he heard something on the radio one morning, a call in show, asking people to call in with their best Wookie impersonation.  He proceeded to tell me about how he had been practicing lol.  Not to call in, but just to see if he could do it!  I of course spread the story through out the family… again.  He has a habit of telling me embarrassing things he probably shouldn’t considering my sense of humour!!! Poor guy lol!

Ok, back to May the 4th…. today’s Episode will be making Pool Noodle Light Sabers!  Another very easy, kid friendly, Star Wars craft.  I am sure the kids would enjoy “battling” with these in nice weather…and in saying kids, I am not designating an age group!


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May the 4th – Episode #1

“Difficult to see.  Always in Motion is the future.”        … Yoda


I know, it’s pretty cheesy, but there are a lot of us self-proclaimed “Space Geeks” out there, and some of those Geeks will celebrate this occasion, especially this year with it being the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars!

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Painting – Decorative Painting – Kim

I learned to paint a long time ago… well, I was given a few lessons from a friend who was a great decorative painter in exchange for dying her hair lol.  Her grandmother had just passed away and that was usually their thing, so I would have done it painting lessons or not.  I am so glad I didn’t pass on the lessons though.  It has opened my eyes to a whole other creative outlet.

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Mason Jar Vase

I have seen a lot of these vases on Pinterest and decided it was time to try my hand at it.

I think they would not only make great Wedding centerpieces but also a great Mother’s Day or Birthday gift for someone special! Or you could just make it for yourself!

I think when this one is done it will end up as “Décor” in the Craft Room!!!



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Melted Bead Sun Catcher – Fail

I saw something like this a long time ago.  It stated it was a kid friendly craft when I saw it and figured it was just my speed right now lol.  Boy was I wrong!

It should have been as easy as dumping bags of plastic pony beads into a spring form pan and melting this in the oven.  Not so, at least not for me.


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