Crayola Craft Kit – Christmas Gift

Look…. two days in a row with posts!!! I am on a little role! I can’t guarantee it will stick but at least it’s more than one day in a row!

Dillon bought me this craft kit for Christmas. I thought it was pretty cool and couldn’t wait to try it out. I had the perfect spot for it, it my kitchen window. While Dillon bought it as a sort of joke gift because I can’t keep a plant alive in the house to save my own life, it was still a fun project to do!

This is the kit I received.

It came with everything needed except for the scissors to cut the hanging cord.

The dough was very malleable and I got straight to work “designing” my hanging pots. I will admit I did redo them a few times until I decided on what I wanted the final look to be, making sure to also push the plastic succulent into the tops of each pot to make the hole before it dried. While they may not be perfect, they still look cute hanging in the window.

NOTE: I pushed a wooden skewer through them after shaping for 2 reasons…. one as a space for the cord to hang them and two, so I could use the skewer to hold the pots over glasses to dry during painting.

I let the dry/cure for about 2 days because they were sort of thick, then painted them with the provided paint.

Once the paint dried, I threaded the provided cord through double thickness, knotted it for hanging and pushed the succulent into each pot where I made the hole before drying.

Here are the little succulent pots hanging in my kitchen window. I used a tension rod to hang them inside the window frame under my window valance.

Thank you again Dillon…. it was fun to make!


Lawn Enforcement Officer T-Shirt

My father-in-law takes great pride in maintaining his lawn lol…. so last year we bought him this funny baseball cap for Christmas from an online store called Bits and Pieces.

This year we thought it would be fun to find him a T-shirt to go with it. Then we thought that maybe I could make him one!!!!

My skills on the Cricut and in Design Space aren’t quite up to designing at that level yet, so I went to Etsy and found exactly what I was looking for to make the T-shirt!!! Here is where I found the pattern!

I decided to do the image in yellow on a green t-shirt for him. I wanted it to really POP on the shirt.

And then lol… we decided to take it one step further… and I cut out the word “Supervisor” in CAPS and put it on the back of the shirt for all to see when he is out tending to his lawn! Everyone is going to know who the Lawn Boss is in his neighbourhood lol!


RX: Sarcastic Wine Bags – Cricut HTV Project

I saw wine bags similar to these… well, guess where lol…. and really wanted to make some to add to a sort of gift set for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I figured they would be easy enough to “design” myself using Design Space and free images I could find online.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all to create the pattern, so I made a few of them because I think they make a cute way to gift a bottle of wine to anyone with a sense of humour!

Here is how the pattern came out in Design Space… again, backwards so that it reads properly once ironed on.

I adhered the line box on the bag first and then adhered everything else around it, trying to centre everything off of the box.

These are the bags when they are done….now all I have to do is to make some wine glasses for my brother-in-law. I think I am going to do some sort of vinyl design saying “For Medicinal Use only”lol!


“Pothead” Joke Mug – Cricut Project

I have seen many versions of this mug and couldn’t help myself lol! I know a few people who qualify under both versions of the meaning of this mug and thought it would make a perfect joke gift for them!

Once I created the pattern, it was very quick to cut and weed and add to a dollar store mug!

Here is the pattern I designed for them. Very simple. I found a coffee maker image and then just added the “Pothead” text to it.

I cut and weeded the vinyl and then applied it to the mug before heat setting it.

Here is the completed mug! A cute, dual meaning mug which makes a cute Christmas gift!


Making Fresh Pasta for the First Time

Dillon bought me a combination grinder/mincer/pasta maker for Christmas.  He knows that I have been wanting to try my hand at making my own sausages for a while and the one he bought for me also does pasta.  Since I don’t have any of the actual sausage casing…yet… I decided to try my hand at making fresh pasta!



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My Singer Knitting Machine!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I took Boxing day off as an “On Strike” day, the same as I always do. I did nothing but sleep, read and feed Chris and Dillon leftovers lol.

Today however, I was playing with the Singer Knitting Machine that Chris got me  (because of a rather large hint) for Christmas.  I am having so much fun!

This is what it looks like out of the package, it even came with a couple of skeins of yarn to get started!

The first thing I made was a cute little baby hat! It took me about 15 minutes! 15 minutes!!!

And then I made a pair of socks.  If you have ever knit socks before you know how time consuming it can be.  I made this pair in a half hour! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas next year lol?

I anticipate having a whole lot of fun with my new “toy!”


P.S. I also got a combination grinder/pasta maker/sausage stuffer, so stay tuned for recipes and ideas when I start “playing” with it!!!

Guitar Pick – Guitar Holder

This is another one of the wood crafts I am making for a Christmas gift for my son-in-law. This time I am making a guitar holder for him, shaped like a guitar pick.  Kim sent me a picture of something like this when I asked for suggestions.


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Freezer Paper Transfer – Faux Vintage Coke Signs

Here is another one of those Freezer Paper Transfer crafts.  I thought it would be cute to take some dollar store wooden plaques and add old fashioned Coke logos to them for someone I know with a “diner” type kitchen décor!

I wanted them to end up looking sort of old and washed out but where you could still make out the actual logo.



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Wood Dragon Cut Out Wall Hanging

I’m pretty sure I at least previewed this wall hanging in one of my previous posts but now it’s finally Finished!  And I am pretty happy with the results.  I hope my son-in-law likes it!


I am out of town at the doctors today, so I rushed yesterday to get this ready to post!


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