Canada Day Project 2019 #2

Here is my other Canada Day project for this year. I decided I wanted to paint a sort of Canada Flag on a hand saw. I was going to go out and buy a new one for the project but Chris told me he had an old one that he couldn’t use… apparently he tried to cut something he shouldn’t have lol!


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Canada 150 Celebration Preparation

We are planning on having a little Canada 150 BBQ on Saturday.  Just a family thing but a celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday nonetheless.



I now have my gardens company ready lol, so it was time to start thinking about what we will do for decorations! I have to admit, I had a helluva time finding anything this week to use to decorate the gardens and yard for our BBQ until tonight.

Chris took me out for dinner and I asked him if we could drop into the “Big” Dollar store to see if they had any more decorations than the other dollar store.  And they did!  I was able to find the little Canada flags I wanted to put in the gardens, a few bigger ones, a Canadian flag bunting, some Canada temporary tattoos, some inflatable fan sticks, some reusable ice cubes shaped like little red maple leaves and more!  I was so excited… it was like finding the mother lode lol!


Here are the cute little ice cubes lol.


We aren’t going crazy for the BBQ, it will be mainly hamburgers, hot dogs and some salads. I am going to make potato salad, macaroni salad and cucumber salad.  I am not sure yet what Kim is making.  And we are going to do a cool cake.  It is going to be a cake on a white board, with two rectangular slab cakes on each side and then some mini cupcakes in the middle in the shape of a maple leaf!  Can’t wait to actually do that part! We will of course post pictures of the cake and all the other food, as well as our decorating!

I am thinking about using the “recycled tin can” week to incorporate a few Canada Day crafts.  I am thinking about doing a Canada Day wind chime and maybe a Canada Day wind sock hanging decorations that I will post next week.  Tomorrow I think will be a base painting day for me in preparation for next week’s crafts!

Totally unrelated to Canada Day, but I also found some really glittery, glitter glue that I am going to try to use as a glitter coat for some repurposed coffee cans that we are going to use for storing craft items in the craft room!  I hope that idea works out!

Stay tuned.