Baked Chocolate Donuts

Let me start by apologizing for being absent for 2 days… or is it 3? I am so exhausted right now I honestly can’t remember. I have tried starting this post twice now. Both times I literally fell asleep creating the post and until this morning haven’t been able to finish it. By the time I wake up from my unplanned nap it was time to get back to washing and painting the walls.

I am pleased to say that all the walls except for one section is done!!!! I was just so tired yesterday after painting that I decided to wait and do that section today when I start putting the pictures and such back in place.

Holy crapadoodle!!! I have spent the last 2 days washing walls! And I hurt everywhere lol… I guess part and parcel of growing old! Today is going to be pretty much a rest day. All I have planned is filing in holes with spackling before I paint tomorrow!

On Sunday I did some baking for lunches and these donuts were one of the things I made. They love homemade donuts… and I love the fact these are baked and not fried.


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Hundred-year-old Caramel Biscuits Recipe

I have been without power for 2 days now, meaning no cooking 😦

I still wanted something to post this morning so I borrowed this delicious recipe I found on

Here is the link to the recipe!


A Must Try in the New Year

Here is a Cinnamon Roll recipe thanks to:

These are something I have been meaning to try for a long time.  I used to make them all the time in my bread machine but when I got the KitchenAid, I chucked the bread machine and haven’t made any since!!!  I am definitely going to try this recipe in the New Year.

We are off tomorrow to our 2nd Annual Family Bowling/Dinner Event.  Last year was so much fun that we want to keep the tradition up as our family grows! Last year Dillon beat me during the final game so I am looking for revenge this year lol!  Wish me luck!


These are from a copycat cinnabon recipe that’s been floating around the web since forever.

via Cinnamon Roll Pr0n — What’s 4 Dinner Solutions