Embellished Cake Plate – Cricut Project

Again, this is one of the projects I did with all of the cutting I did the week I had my Cricut Machine upstairs. I had been thinking about doing something to my cake plate for ages and while I had the Cricut out it seemed the perfect opportunity.

I decided to just go with some roses going around the outside of the domed top of the cake plate. Originally I was going to cover it with words like cake, cookies, pie and such but changed my mind and went with the flowers instead. I am happy with how it turned out.

I found a nice pattern in Design Space of plain old roses and leaves and cut it out of permanent vinyl. I used red and green. I would have used a burgundy but I didn’t have any on hand.

Here is the cake plate after I finished applying the vinyl. It looks so much brighter and fresher and stands out on the kitchen table…. EVEN when there is no baking under it lol!


Christmas Tree Skirt Alternative

Wow! Am I ever late posting this morning! Every year I forget how long it actually takes to decorate the house for Christmas!

With deciding to change the colours of our Christmas decorations this year to match the colours from redecorating earlier in the year, I didn’t even think about the tree skirt! 🙄

I was looking around the craft room and the laundry room and anywhere else I thought might give me some inspiration lol.

I came to our old light gray tablecloth. Note: light gray tablecloth + 2 messy men = bad idea lol.

I remembered seeing a video somewhere about turning a square of fabric into an alternative to a tree skirt, so that’s what I did!

Note again: if using an artificial tree like me… do it before you assemble the whole tree lol 😳, much easier.

The first thing is to lay your piece of fabric on the floor with the tree stand centred on it.

Fill in around the stand with some kind of stuffing. I was out of stuffing/batting so I just used some old curtain sheers I had washed and out away. You could use blankets, sheets, whatever you have. Just remember if you have a real tree to leave a space for watering.

Then all I did was gather it up in my hands and tie a nice sparkly ribbon into a bow to hold it in place. Fluff up the ribbon and fabric until it looks how you want it!

Before my new star….
After the new star Chris bought me for my birthday!

Now I don’t have to rush around trying to find a tree skirt to match!


Quick Cricut Project – Potato/Onion Bin Label

I figured that since I’ve redone just about everything else, I might as well do the same to my potato/onion bin.

I painted it with a light gray chalk paint to start.

While it was drying I went into the Cricut Design Space and chose the font I wanted. I was even able to find some potato and onion clipart type images and a few “swirls” I thought would finish it off.

When the paint was fully dried I attached the vinyl design I had cut.

Now I have a revamped Potato/Onion Bin!


“Tide Pods” Pumpkin Containers

I have been saving the containers I get my Tide Pods laundry detergent in. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, so I just left them on a shelf in the laundry room until I decided.

Last week I finally decided exactly what that would be! I was doing laundry and looked over at them and thought to myself, “they look a lot like pumpkins.” So that is what i decided to turn them into.

They would be great just as decor, or a great place to put Halloween goodies in on the big night!


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Family Sign – Recycled Dollar Store Picture

I found we were running out of wall space to display family pictures, so I decided to use the space around the door as a sort of Family Picture Gallery. I was only able to use mostly 5 x 7 pictures but it still worked out into a cute little gallery in a space that is not generally used for much.

At the top centre position you can see the dollar store sigh with the word “Love” on it. That is the picture I decided to redo rather than just buying another surface.

To start, I gave it a good cleaning, then I taped off the frame before I painted over the glass with black chalkboard paint.

In between coats, and while it was drying I picked another font from my Design Space program and just used the word “Family” to make a vinyl sticker to add to the sign.

Once I had enough coats of the chalkboard paint on the picture, I let it completely dry before applying the vinyl.

Here it is, back in the little Family Picture gallery!


Magazine Rack – Mini Makeover (Recycled Furniture)

Before I get fully into this post, I would like to apologize to anyone who may have left us a message through our “Contact Us” link/form. I only just noticed today where to retrieve them… I am claiming brain injury for the total oblivion when it comes to this lol. I honestly had no idea and just assumed no one was using it!

Now for this post! We are in the midst of a mini makeover of our main floor/living room. Right now our walls are green… they have been green since we moved in, albeit different shades of green and I am fed up with it.

We ordered some new recliner chairs for the living room to replace our old ones that haven’t been comfortable in a while and I ordered them in Gray so I had an excuse to not only repaint the walls something other than green, but to also replace curtains and rugs…. so in essence, a mini makeover.

As part of this mini makeover I decided that I would reuse the magazine rack I had been using to store my cookie sheets and such. Once again it is being used for it’s actual purpose, only I gave it a little makeover.

It was just plain wood before I started. We are using a sort of burgundy/wine colour to coordinate with the gray because we have a burgundy/wine coloured leather couch and when I did the Roll Top Desk Makeover I painted it with a colour to match the couch knowing that at some point I was going to change the wall colours!

This is the magazine rack before the mini makeover…

I washed it and gave it a little sanding so the paint would stick and then painted it with the same chalk paint I used on the desk.

While the paint was drying, I went to the craft room to play with my Cricut. I decided to put a bit of lettering on the magazine rack and some swirls. I did them in Gray to match the walls after they are painted.

I chose to use the words Live, Love and Laugh. Yes, they are everywhere but I still decided that’s what I would use lol. I just chose a font I liked, typed the wording into Design Space and cut the lettering/swirls.

This is my magazine rack after painting and applying the lettering/swirls….

And here it is in it’s new home, behind an end table, with some magazines already in it!


Teapot Sewing Kit with Cricut Decoration

As much as I hate to say it…. I have started on Christmas lol! As usual I can’t believe how quickly it is approaching. If I want to make 90% of the gifts we give AND make enough stuff for at least one craft sale, I need to get my butt in gear!

This is an old teapot I had that I decided to recycle into a Christmas gift. The receiver loves Tea and definitely needs to have a few basic sewing items on hand in case of a sewing emergency…. so I thought why not combine the two… and give myself the chance to try another Cricut “skill” at the same time. This time I was trying layering a vinyl design instead of just cutting one colour. I have used multiple colours on other projects but they were stand alone sections!

The first thing I did was to give the teapot a good wash so I knew the vinyl would stay.

I found the cute teapot cut file on the Design Space app. There wasn’t a whole lot of layering but it still gave me a chance to try it.

Here is the design, cut, weeded and layered, ready to stick to the teapot.

I had a bit of an issue because of the curvy shape of the teapot but I just ended up cutting the transfer tape in such a way I was able to get it on with minimal wrinkles. Note: I think I need to find a tutorial for attaching the vinyl to curved surfaces!

I got the vinyl adhered to the teapot and then started on the pin cushion on the underside of the teapot lid.

I placed the lid on a fat quarter I had that was similar in colour to the design and drew a circle around it, about 1 – 2 inches bigger than the lid.

I did a row of hand gathering stitch all the way around the circle, about a half inch in, giving it a sort of bowl shape.

I put a small amount of stuffing inside the “bowl,” and tightened up the gather stitch until it was just about closed off.

I used my dreaded glue gun to attach the little pin cushion to the underside/inside of the lid and my pin cushion was done!

I put the lid back on and now I just have to fill it with some basic sewing supplies (and get a nicer bow) and I have my first Christmas gift ready to store until the big day!


Recycled Cupboard Door Cricut Project

Sorry I am so off schedule this week. My grandmother, who has had the biggest and best impact in my life… the one person who has always always always been there for me had a heart attack this week. I have been so worried and waiting for news that everything is completely upside down!

While I have been waiting for the phone to ring I decided to “play” Cricut to take my mind off things. This project is one of the things I did while waiting.

The door I used in this project is actually from the recycled end table/cat bed I made ages ago. I kept the door because you just never know… and this week I found a purpose for it!

I haven’t hung it up yet or decided if I want to put some cup hooks on it to turn it into a key rack/decor, but the door itself is done!

To start the project I cleaned and sanded the door and removed any hardware still on it.

I decided to paint it using my gray chalkboard paint and then used a watered down acrylic to put some turquoise highlights on it.

I decided what I wanted and then cut the permanent vinyl then applied it to the surface.

Once the vinyl was applied I added a few coats of varethane and it was done… or at least done until I make a decision on the cup hooks!


Recycled Plastic Bottle Vase

Dillon keeps buying Watermelon juice in plastic bottles. Personally I think it sounds kind of nasty lol, but he likes it.

One day I was putting one of the bottles in the recycling and thought it was a sort of cool shape. I decided I was going to do something with it!

I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do… then I decided on a vase. I asked Chris to cut the top off for me and then got to work on it!


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Pop Bottle Mosquito Trap… Hopefully! ***UPDATE***

UPDATE: Well, I’ve had this on my back deck for 5 days and I guess it “trapped” one mosquito a day lol because that’s all that is in the trap! Another mosquito repellent idea down the drain, but we will keep trying. I swear I look like I have Chicken Pox due to the number of bites 🤨

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are having a really bad season for mosquitoes. I swear I got about 10 bites just hanging clothes on the line! 😮

I have been trying anything and everything I’ve ever seen to deal with the issue. Our house and yard have smelled alternating scents of garlic, sage, tea tree oil, coffee… you name it, we’ve tried it.

This little project is another attempt at dealing with them… and if you have an empty 2 L pop bottle laying around it only costs pennies, using things you likely have on hand!

The first thing you need to do is cut the bottle in half, remove the lid and tape the 2 pieces together like in the picture.

Next you are going to mix together 1 cup of warm water with 1/4 cup of brown sugar, whisking until the sugar dissolves.

Pour this mixture into the bottom section of the bottle.

The last step is to add 1/4 tsp. of yeast to the brown sugar/water mixture. Just sprinkled, not stirred.

Now place it outside where mosquitoes frequent, just not close to where you are planning on hanging out and hopefully 🤞 the mosquitoes will go in it rather than buzzing around and biting you or your guests!

I will update after 2 weeks. The mixture is supposed to be changed and the bottle cleaned out every 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!!!