My Very Special Christmas Gift

Today is the Day I get my special Christmas gift from Chris!!!! I am very excited.

As many of you may know, if you have been reading our posts for awhile, we lost one of our dogs… Kita…. a year ago September. It was very difficult for us and we have been a long time getting over her.

We have talked for the last little while about getting another dog/puppy as a playmate for Leroy, the dog we still have because we think he is very lonely without his playmate but for the longest time couldn’t get past feeling like we would be “replacing” Kita if we got another dog. I know to anyone who doesn’t own pets it might sound silly, but pets are part of your family and it takes time to get over losing one of your family members.

This week I saw a puppy that immediately tugged at my heartstrings and as soon as I saw her, not only did I want her to join our family, her name jumped into my head lol. She will be joining our crazy ass family on Tuesday!!!

Everyone meet little Miss Lucy! On Tuesday she will be joining the Logan Funny Farm and making it her new permanent residence! Not the best pictures but all I have for right now! They still show all of her puppy cuteness though lol!

Lucy is 3/4 Black Lab and 1/4 Maremma. As you can see she is mostly black but with white spots…. one of which is on her chest, which to me looks like little angel wings or a butterfly. Maybe that is what spoke to me lol. I don’t know what it was but she is to become a member of our family today!

If I disappear for a day or two, you know it’s just because I am either inundated trying to finish getting ready for Christmas or inundated with puppy kisses or training lol!


“Rescue” Pet Themed Wine Glasses

A friend recently asked me if I could make wine glasses like a sign she had seen based on rescue pets. I didn’t see why not, so I gave it a try!

(Sort of funny story….. my mother-in-law was up on Monday for a wonderful online shopping/lunch/relaxing day and when she saw the wine glasses said she would love a sign with the same saying lol… Talk about going full circle. Guess who is getting a sign for Christmas???)

This is the picture of the sign she sent to me.

And this is the wine glasses sporting the same saying….

I tried to find a similar font… and thought I did but for the life of me I could not weed that font, at that size, to save my life. I had to change it to a “beefier” font in order for me to be able to weed it.

I don’t think it turned out too bad considering I had to change the font AND the fact some of the words are on a bit of a slant thanks to my vision issues. I will probably end up redoing them in the new year to see if I can’t get them straighter. At least for now I know I have the pattern saved in Design Space on my laptop and can cut the pattern out at any time!

Here are the wine glasses in all their crooked glory lol!

INSTAPOT Cheesy Potato Soup

Yesterday was a very bad day.  We had to have our dog of 12 years put to sleep.  As all of you dog lovers out there, you know they are more than just dogs… they are family. Kita was such a good dog, right from the start.  She was a rescue dog we got as a puppy and was never anything but a loyal, well behaved dog that loved everyone she met. It didn’t matter who showed up at our house, in Kita’s mind, they were there to visit her!

It is going to be very difficult not having her in our lives everyday but as Kim told me last night… Kita had a very good life, especially considering her beginnings, and we have a lot of memories of her to comfort us once the initial grief starts to subside. Hopefully Kita is now somewhere with no pain and she can go to the L-A-K-E every single day and play with the ducks!!!


Kita “helping” me to garden!

I could write a huge post singing her virtues, although not without a lot of Kleenex,  but I still wanted to share this soup recipe I made last night in my INSTAPOT.  None of us felt like eating, but knew we should.  Potato soup is my go to comfort food and that is exactly what we needed last night.  It is the favourite thing my grandmother makes for me when we visit and whenever I make it I can feel her right alongside of me cooking!



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